Drivers of Success Awards 2016 Winners

The annual Drivers of Success competition recognizes impressive project results and significant benefits from collaboration among disciplines and the innovative application of Intergraph products. The competition is open to users of CADWorx®, CAESAR II®, GT STRUDL® and PV Elite® who submit stories throughout the year and share their successes using these software products.

DOS Winner Caesar II 2016

1st Place CADWorx - Rishabh Engineering

Rishabh Engineering, India, for building a 105 MW power plant with 18 generators in three power blocks. The team used CADWorx to perform field engineering and develop an intelligent 3D model for the whole plant, reducing modeling man hours by 30 percent and improving productivity by 20 percent.

DOS Winner Caesar II 2016

1st Place CAESAR II - China Huanqiu Contracting & Engineering Corp.

China Huanqiu Contracting & Engineering Corp., China, for the world’s largest indirect coal liquefaction project. CAESAR II was used on this $10 billion project to increase the design quality of 13,450 process pipelines and reduce the stress analysis time by 20 percent.

DOS Winner Caesar II 2016

1st Place GT STRUDL - Southern Nuclear Operating Company

Southern Nuclear Operating Company, US, for a $10 million Digital Turbine Controls project to upgrade analog technology to all new digital controls. GT STRUDL saved $3 million on the project by significantly reducing the structural modifications required for cable tray supports and minimizing the outage execution time.

DOS Winner Caesar II 2016

1st Place PV Elite - Larsen & Toubro Heavy Engineering LLC

Larsen & Toubro Heavy Engineering LLC, Oman, for designing and manufacturing five high pressure columns. This critical equipment is the heart of the whole refinery. PV Elite helped the team perform fast calculations and better control revisions.

Past Drivers of Success Award Winners