Overview of GTSTRUDL and Basic Static Analysis (TGTS1006E)

04 November, 08.00 AM - 06 November, 17.00 PM

Course Description: This course is intended for structural engineers familiar with GT STRUDL frame analysis capabilities through the Basic course or by experience and who want to enhance their design engineering productivity. The first day includes a brief overview of the total scope of GT STRUDL Reinforced Concrete (RC) design capabilities plus a detailed presentation covering the following topics - Minimum requirements for the execution of a reinforced concrete design - Beam, Column and Structural Wall design - Floor joist and one-way floor design - Interpretation of design results output. The presentation for the second day covers the following additional topics - Special problem description for analysis and design of orthogonal RC buildings - RC beam and column checking - Special features include P-delta analysis and seismic detailing. The discussion and workshop periods focus on the GTSTRUDL RC commands and the use of GTSTRUDL RC capabilities as an integral part of the total RC design process. Course Prerequisites: This course is intended for structural engineers who have not had prior experience using GT STRUDL or for those who are beginning users.