GT STRUDL Base Plate Analysis (TGTS1008E)

13 November, 08.00 AM - 17.00 PM

Course Description: This course is intended for structural engineers who are familiar with GT STRUDL analysis capabilities through the Basic course or by experience and who want to enhance their engineering productivity in the analysis ofbase plates using GT STRUDL. Specialized GT STRUDL capabilities are presented that allow an engineer to use the graphically oriented Base Plate Model Wizard to create GT STRUDL models of base plates with attachments anchored to a bearing surface. The engineer will learn how to specify dimensions, notches, mesh size, attachments, anchors, bearing surface, stiffeners and loadings using the dialogs in the Base Plate Wizard. The engineer will then be able to perform analysis of the base plate and review results graphically and in summary tables. Course Prerequisites: This course is for those engineers who have taken the Basic Static Analysis course, or through experience, are competent in basic GTSTRUDL capabilities.