GetSmart! Webinar Meeting the Challenges of Pharmaceutical Projects!

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Meeting the Challenges of Pharmaceutical Projects!

Recorded Date: November 21st 2019

As we all know developing a pharmaceutical product can take many years and requires a huge investment in capital, and resources.

Pharmaceutical projects, involving the design and installation of manufacturing processes, can be highly challenging and complex.

As a result, plant designers and operators face the dual pressures of staying competitive by increasing productivity while adhering to strict environmental and safety standards.

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This session covers:

• How to bring new products to market more quickly by fast tracking the execution of your projects;   
• How to easily design hygienic piping models with clamped connections and slopes;
• How the unique plant layout requirements, materials, and standards used in a pharmaceutical  plant construction, including adherence to the latest ASME/BPE, enable high-quality designs for the asset to be produced;
• How powerful rule-based design creation and modification features enable designers to produce detailed designs with minimal effort;
• How the integration between process and plant design disciplines enables inconsistencies and omissions to be identified, before the virtual design is turned into physical reality;
• How piping documentation is produced automatically from the 3D design, providing a high-quality and accurate handover to pre-fabrication and construction contractors;
• How to save considerable time and cost whilst ensuring the strict standards and design codes for piping and equipment;
• How to enhance project coordination and collaboration with the model design review;
• And much more!