AACE & Hexagon Webinar: Being Strategic Amidst Project Complexity

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United States
22 April, 02:00 PM - 03:00 PM EDT

We see you there behind that spreadsheet, doing herculean acrobatics with formulas and pivot tables, ready just in time for the latest project review. Is this really how you and your team should be ensuring excellent project performance? Or is there a better way – where greater levels of integration and automation free your time for better forecasting and real analysis. Are the systems in place to let you contribute as much as you know you can?

In this webinar, we look at how technology and systems are enabling the connection between tactical project execution and the strategy that drives business outcomes. We’ll discuss:

  • What is our role really?
  • Full visibility throughout the project lifecycle
  • Different Roles and Departments; Same Data
  • The Strategic / Tactical Feedback Loop
  • Driving Business Outcomes


Then, we’ll provide a demonstration of the EcoSys Enterprise Project Performance (EPP) platform which is enabling these capabilities with greater efficiency, predictability, and control. See how organizations like yours are confidently realizing lower project costs and greater returns and margins. We hope you’ll join us!


Mark Nelson, Director, Project Portfolio Management, Hexagon
Amanda Mott, Senior Customer Application Engineer, Hexagon