Smart 3D Equipment & Piping Reference Data (TSMP3002E)

Huntsville, AL
27 Juli, 08.00 AM - 31 Juli, 12.00 PM

Course Description This class is for Application Specialists involved in the configuration of reference data for Equipment and Piping modeling. This class concentrates on the most common workflows, such as adding a new component to the piping specification, adding new standard equipment, creating a piping specification, and modifying the delivered catalog data. These workflows are presented in lecture/lab format providing insights into the reference data structure along the way. Major Topics: Catalog & Specification Databases - Bulkload Utility - General Format of Bulkload Files - Adding New Equipment to the Catalog - Creating a New Piping Materials Class - Adding a New Piping Component to a Specification - Adding a New Part to the Catalog - Piping Specification Rules - VB Symbol Wizard.

Course Prerequisites Familiarity with Windows User Interface - Knowledge of 3D Plant Design CAD Concepts.

Course Price $2,750