Smart 3D Automation using .NET (TSMP4003E)

Huntsville, AL
15 Juni, 08.00 AM - 19 Juni, 17.00 PM

Course Description This course is for Application Specialists involved in the development of Automation for Smart 3D applications. The course starts with concepts of the S3D .NET API, explains what kind of Automation can be developed and further elaborates on the Programming Model and the available Services/Components for use in developing Automation components. Major Topics: S3D .NET API Architecture, Developing Custom Commands, Standalone Applications, Access Metadata - Classes, Interfaces, Attributes, Relationships, Navigate Relationships, Creating and Modifying SP3D objects e,g. Filters, Systems, Equipment, Piping, Spaces.

Course Prerequisites One of the Smart 3D Modeling courses (TSMP1001, TSMP2003 or TSMP2004). Knowledge of 3D Plant Design CAD Concepts. Programming Knowledge - .NET language like VB.NET or C#.

Course Price $2,750