Connected Worker

Improve the effectiveness of your workforce by linking your workers with access to information so they can make faster, better decisions.

A U.S. study from Pew Research Center states that 77% of adults in 2018 own a smart phone. This means that within seconds, 77% of your front-line workers can access any piece of information available on the internet.

How long does it take front-line workers to access information they need to do their job timely and effectively? Without a Connected Worker strategy, front-line workers feel disconnected from the rest of the operation, like they’re stuck on a deserted island.

Empower your front-line workers through a connected worker strategy and improve how work is performed as part of your Maintenance, Inspection, and Operation processes while boosting compliance and safety with Connected Workers - rescue them off the island and bring them into twenty-first century civilization.

Hexagon's Connected Worker strategy delivers a consolidated view to connect your front-line workers to the multitudes of different information systems in use at the plant today without storing or duplicating the data. This allows your Connected Workers to efficiently carry out routine processes, improve Operator productivity, and reduce OPEX.

Connected Workers have assets back up and running faster and safer after unplanned downtime:


Notified workers of events immediately


Connect with other resources instantly


Respond quickly with the right tools and information

What makes them more efficient?


Real-time access to all the data supports better, smarter, faster decisions

Tool Time

Increasing tool time directly increases productivity


Eliminating paper processes to optimize data collection and business workflows

It's in the numbers:


Realize potential OPEX cost savings of 7 to 8 percent and improve your bottom line by as much as 300 points through a reduction in downtime and labor costs.

Time Gained

Reduce time spent on non-value-added tasks by 15 percent to increase tool time, eliminate rework, and respond faster.

Performance Indicators

Watch your lagging indicators such as Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), First Time Fix Rate (FTF), Maintenance Backlogs, and Preventative Maintenance Compliance improve.

Productivity Time and Cost Savings Calculator


Time Lost
Lost Productivity Time/Day %
Work Days Per Year
Annual Days Lost Per Employee
Staff Cost Unproductivity
Average Hourly Salary $
Average Benefit Ratio %
Number of Employees
Cost To The Organization Per Employee $
Total Cost To Organization $
Value Prop: Increase Productivity
Potential Increase In Productivity %
Dollars Saved Annually $

How much time are your front-line workers spending looking for information? Forbes states "Employee mobility leads to 30% better processes and 23% more productivity."

We used industry research to make some suggested default calculations. Plug your own estimates in to the blue fields listed below to see how many days and dollars you could save by implementing a Connected Worker strategy.

1. Lost Productivity Time/Day
2. Your company's work days per year
3. Average Hourly Salary
4. Average Benefit Ratio
5. Number of Employees
6. Potential Increase in Productivity 

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Rise of the Connected Worker

Connectivity can awaken super powers for workers in the process industry.

The Business Case for a Connected Worker Strategy

Join Patrick Harrigan and Jaclyn Arnold from Hexagon PPM as they share their passion for empowering workers by implementing a Connected Worker Strategy.

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Implementing A Connected Worker Strategy

Partnering with Hexagon PPM to launch your Connected Worker strategy can improve the effectiveness of your workforce by linking your workers with access to the right...