From hardware manufacturer in the '70s to the world's leading provider of enterprise engineering software and project control solutions

Hexagon, Office Building, Madison, AL, Nightscape

Hexagon PPM helps the world work smarter. Our company’s software and solutions improve the lives of people through better facilities and more reliable operations.

Hexagon PPM is the world’s leading provider of enterprise engineering software enabling smarter design and operation of plants, ships and offshore facilities. Hexagon PPM engineering solutions increase productivity and accelerate projects by providing the full design, construction, materials, and engineering data management capabilities needed for the creation, safe operation and maintenance, and capital Project Life Cycle Management (cPLM) of large-scale process, power, marine and offshore projects.

Hexagon PPM is part of Hexagon, a leading global provider of information technology solutions that drive productivity and quality across geospatial and industrial landscapes.

The company's global headquarters in Madison, Alabama – which officially opened on October 20, 2014 – is a five-story, 250,000-square-foot building featuring office space for 1,100 Hexagon employees. The headquarters building also includes a state-of-the-art data center, conference space, an expansive food service area and lakeside terraces.

Hexagon PPM (formerly Intergraph Process, Power & Marine) has a unique history spanning almost five decades.

Founded in 1969 as M&S Computing, Inc., the company became a turnkey graphics company, providing "intelligent" graphics software running on their own enhanced terminals connected to host computers. It developed the first interactive CAD product, Interactive Graphics Design Software (IGDS), which quickly became an industry benchmark.

After becoming a publicly traded company in 1981, Intergraph stock split twice. Revenue grew 700 percent, the number of employees grew by 500 percent and square footage increased 500 percent. By the end of the decade, Intergraph became the world's largest vendor of computer graphics systems, and was consistently ranked No. 1 in Daratech's customer satisfaction surveys. Intergraph topped its goal of $1 billion in revenue and joined the Fortune 500 in 1990.

Intergraph exited the hardware business and restructured its worldwide operations around vertically focused divisions in 2000. In 2003, Intergraph introduced its leading-edge, data-centric plant modeling software solution, SmartPlant® 3D (now Intergraph Smart® 3D). The technology is widely implemented among some of the world’s top engineering, procurement, and construction firms and owner operators.

Houston-based COADE® Holdings Inc., provider of CAESAR II®, PV Elite® and TANK™ products, the industry’s most widely used software for pipe stress, pressure vessel and storage tank analysis, as well as its popular CADWorx® plant design suite, became part of Intergraph in 2010. The acquisition was Intergraph's largest in the process, power and marine market.

Intergraph was acquired by Hexagon in 2010, with Ola Rollén assuming the role of CEO of Intergraph following the acquisition.

In 2011, Hexagon acquired Sisgraph, a software and services provider and Intergraph’s longtime distributor in Brazil, a major supplier for oil and gas, and minerals. Through the acquisition, PPM gained a dedicated team with a wealth of industry experience.

PPM announced the creation of Greater China, its fourth world industry region, in 2012. Greater China includes China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan and was created because of its size, success and strategic business potential. As a separate operating region, Greater China gained additional focus and investment, plus a strong local executive leadership for faster response to the China market, as well as more resources for further growth. Intergraph also began offering more customized industry solutions to Greater China customers.

On Oct. 16, 2012, Hexagon President and CEO Ola Rollén and Executive Vice President of Human Resources and project lead Ed Porter, along with other Hexagon executives, participated in a groundbreaking ceremony to commence construction on the new Hexagon headquarters facility in Madison.

In 2014, PPM announced the acquisition of GT STRUDL®, a leading computer-aided structural engineering (CAE) software system, from the Georgia Tech Research Corporation of Atlanta, Georgia. GT STRUDL is widely used by major companies in the design, maintenance and upgrading of safety-critical structures such as turbine buildings, boiler buildings, equipment support structures, pipe support systems and other related civil engineering structures. The acquisition of GT STRUDL strengthened Intergraph’s existing suite of engineering analysis solutions for the power, process and offshore industries.

In March 2015, PPM announced it had purchased OhmTech A/S of Stavanger, Norway, a provider of pressure vessel design software. The acquisition push continued in May when Blue Iron Systems, Inc., and its flagship radio-frequency identification (RFID) and bar code product, IronScan, became part of PPM.

PPM in October 2015 finalized the purchase EcoSys Management LLC, a company that will broaden its leadership position as a Project Enterprise solution provider by adding project controls to the company's existing portfolio.

In June 2016, NESTIX Oy of Oulu, Finland, a leading software supplier of data-centric production management solutions that allow connections to pipe, plate, profile cutting and panel welding machines, became part of PPM and Hexagon. This strategic acquisition solidified the integration of NESTIX and provided Hexagon PPM clients with a long-term solution for managing and nesting parts for fabrication and welding assembly.

In January 2017, Mattias Stenberg, who had served as Hexagon’s Chief Strategy Officer since 2013, assumed the position of President of Hexagon PPM. Stenberg had been with Hexagon in different roles since 2009 and has played a vital role in strengthening Hexagon’s strategic direction.

Stenberg is responsible for the global strategic direction and overall business development of Hexagon. He has served in key roles since joining Hexagon in 2009 – primary responsibilities included mergers and acquisitions, investor relations, strategic planning and corporate development – and held the title of Chief Strategy Officer prior to joining PPM.

In June 2017, the company officially rebranded globally as Hexagon PPM, embracing a new brand and a honed vision for enabling the smart digital industrial facility and extending its expertise into new markets like Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC).

Hexagon PPM is focused on delivering end-to-end information technology solutions that drive efficiencies during the design, construction and operation of industrial facilities and large-scale construction projects. Because of Intergraph’s first-in-class reputation, Hexagon PPM products will continue to carry the Intergraph brand name. “PPM” is retained as a nod to the key industries of process, power, and marine; however, Hexagon PPM will expand its base to serve industries beyond its traditional core.

“The name change isn't just a name change,” Stenberg said. “It represents a closer alignment with Hexagon that will open up new doors to truly leverage the depth and breadth of Hexagon’s innovations and technological capabilities. It’s an opportunity to overcome the slow pace of change that has characterized PPM’s primary industries over the past 20 years.”