Transition from PDS to Intergraph Smart 3D or CADWorx


Step-up to the next level of plant design ... make the switch from PDS® to Intergraph Smart® 3D or CADWorx® today.

Are you ready for the challenges of your next project?

Project execution has changed; everything needs to be faster. Tighter budgets, cost, andschedule pressures increase while projects become more complex. The same legacy solution that worked perfectly several years ago now needs to be upgraded to modern design solutions.

We have the tools and experience to move your specs and data forward into the new environment.

To meet and exceed the project challenges of tomorrow, you must execute today. Review this guide on when to select Intergraph Smart 3D or CADWorx based on your projects scope.

Now is the time to upgrade to Intergraph Smart 3D or CADWorx and achieve even higher design quality and consistency, including:

  • Automatic creation of deliverables
  • Increased productivity and design quality
  • Interoperability with other solutions
  • Modern, next-generation design environment
  • Powerfuland intuitive levels of automation
  • Strong rule and relationship-based architecture

“After a smooth transition, we have realized many benefits from using Smart 3D on our projects, especially with global work-share projects. Smart 3D has increased our productivity, and we took advantage of the automation and rule-driven designs and saw improvement in the quality of work.” – Linde

“The use of CADWorx & Analysis tools reduced engineering work by approximately 30 percent, and engineering software cost by approximately 60 percent compared to similar previous projects.” - STI Engineering

Key Benefits:

Migrating from PDS to Intergraph Smart 3D: Neste Oil, Markku Eerikainen, videoplay button

Transitioning to Smart 3D

Neste Oil has been a longtime PDS customer. Recently, the Finnish company decided to move from the legacy design software to Intergraph Smart 3D and launched a transition program, beginning with its Singapore plant.