CAESAR II Dynamics (TCAE1002E)

Houston, TX
09 novembre - 11 novembre

CAESAR II Productivity Training is highly regarded for its blend of background theory, use of CAESAR II, and engineering application. Attendees will develop real-world knowledge of dynamic analysis of systems while also learning how to use CAESAR II for cost-effective piping design.

Topics Covered:

  • Dynamic response of mechanical systems
  • Building a dynamic model for analysis
  • Interpreting dynamic analysis results
  • Solving field vibration problems using harmonic analysis
  • Seismic analysis using the response spectrum method
  • Evaluating transient loads with time history analysis

Additional Components:

  • A survey of approaches to evaluating relief valve discharge
  • Workshop exercise in slug flow evaluation
  • Workshop using time history methods to verify a dynamic load factor


  • None

Pricing (USD):

  • $1,800 per enrollment at Hexagon facilities
  • $11,850 on-site (plus travel expenses per Hexagon Terms and Conditions)