CAESAR II® Statics One

The CAESAR II Statics One course is the second in our video training series for CAESAR II software. These lessons were developed by David Diehl, the Director of Training at Hexagon's CADWorx & Analysis Solutions and are designed to teach you many topics CAESAR II in the easiest, fastest way possible.

The course includes the following lessons:

Calculating Expansion Stress in Piping Systems

In this lesson, stress formulas are explored and a sample problem is solved manually using MathCAD®. Then the problem is analyzed using CAESAR II and the results are compared. This gives you a good understanding of how CAESAR II and the piping codes calculate stresses using Mohr's Circle. Other listed stresses such as Axial, Torsional, Hoop, Bending and Maximum Stress Intensity are discussed.

Next, the course discusses spring hanger design 

You’ll see how to properly size hangers based on their subjected loads and conditions. Various situations are illustrated and a manufacturer’s catalog is used in an example problem.

Operating Case

Following hanger design are a set of videos on optimizing hangers in certain configurations using some of the many tools and features in CAESAR II.

Operating Case

The last lesson covers designing an outlet line for a small steam turbine. CNodes are discussed and the turbine model is analyzed around its resolution point using NEMA SM23. The piping geometry is then modified to increase flexibility as needed in the system to lower the excessive moments and forces on the turbine nozzles. This lesson in increasing flexibility in the line is very informative and applicable to many situations.

Operating Case

Students must pass quizzes after each lesson and complete a survey to finish the course requirements. Each course takes about 20 hours or less to complete. When done the system will issue a Certificate (PDF file) that can be printed and downloaded. Where applicable, graduates also qualify for 9 PDH hours upon completion.

CAESAR II Statics Two

The CAESAR II Statics Two course is designed for users wanting to explore advanced topics in pipe stress analysis and CAESAR II software

The first lesson explores the Piping Codes

Operating Case

The next lessons review Stress Intensification Factors and the Stiffness Method used in CAESAR II analysis.

Operating Case

Also included are lessons in Buried Pipe, Solving Non-Linear Systems, Expansion Joints and Restraints.

Operating Case

The mathematics behind these topics are illustrated and the principles of pipe stress analysis are discussed as problems are solved using CAESAR II in a variety of situations. Self-paced, high quality and accompanied by a detailed 600-page illustrated lesson guide this is an extensive course in CAESAR II problem solving. A certificate and 9 PDH hours are issued upon completion

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