In many cases, parts of any new facility are fabricated away from the construction site by many different sub-contractors. Complex operations which require high standards can be carried out in the safety and comfort of a specialist work shop, rather than outdoors in the middle of a construction site, perhaps in difficult weather conditions. Hexagon PPM solutions to support these work flows cover both pipe and steel or structural fabrication and focus on achieving true digital workflows, aiming to minimize manual data entry and maximize automation of work processes (for example to enable the use of robotic cutting, bending, and welding machines). Further, our objective is to maintain integrity and transparency of data so that all parties can have a clear and accurate picture of progress and what has changed during fabrication.

These are significant challenges, but meeting them is necessary to deliver the potential of the Industry 4.0 initiative to transform process industry fabrication. After mechanization, mass production, and automation comes the “smart factory,” where processes are modeled and monitored in real time, and decision making is de-centralized through provision of accurate information and work instructions to workers.

For the fabricator, this means the ability to receive design data (instead of documents) from any client (regardless of design tool) and to use that data to drive cost estimation, material inventory, documentation production, workshop planning, optimization of material and resources and non-destructive testing.

At every step of the way

3D Design and Visualization

for Fabrication

Intergraph Smart Reference Data
Smart Reference Data provides materials libraries at the corporate and project levels and enables better standardization and change management.

Standard Database for Smart Reference Data
Standard Database for Smart Reference Data is a pre-configured, recommended best practice solution to enable rapid implementation of enterprise reference data management and/or materials management.

Intergraph Smart Isometrics
Intergraph Smart Isometrics, powered by Isogen, is an easy-to-use yet powerful Microsoft Windows-based, specification-driven, pipe-sketching application for the as-built plant.

Procurement, Fabrication, and Construction

for Fabrication

Intergraph Smart Construction
The market-leading solution trusted by construction planners around the world.

Intergraph Smart Materials
Intergraph Smart Materials provides total materials management and subcontract management for plants and projects.

Intergraph Smart Yard
Intergraph Smart Yard leverages the engineering design basis to provide an extensive portfolio of integrated, preconfigured solutions addressing yards’ key work processes across the project life cycle.

Intergraph Smart Production Powered by NESTIX
Smart Production controls the entire production process from digital design to parts fabrication through the completion of subassemblies, pipe spools, panels and module/block assemblies.

Intergraph Spoolgen
Intergraph Spoolgen is a proven, industrial-strength application that enables the creation of piping isometric drawings for fabrication and erection from the design created during the detail engineering phase of projects.

Isogen is the most widely used software for the automated generation of piping isometric drawings.

Isogen Publisher
Isogen Publisher helps to unlock the data behind the drawings and make it available to other applications which need it. It is the most widely used software for the automated generation of piping isometric drawings.

Asset Information Management

for Fabrication

HxGN SDx Projects
HxGN SDx Projects addresses the need of capital projects to have effective communication and collaboration through the secure exchange of information deliverables between project stakeholders.

Project Controls and Portfolio Management

for Fabrication

The standard for driving superior capital projects performance


Benefits To truly optimize the construction of a major process plant, it is essential to include fabrication in the digital chain between Engineering, Procurement and Construction.

For the engineering company, Hexagon PPM solutions can reduce cost to manage fabrication and provide accurate status on progress.

Procurement will have more accurate information on requirements by pipe spool and can take account of additional material needed by fabrication.

Fabrication can optimize resources by balancing projects with multiple customers – even if they are using different design tools. The documentation and drawings needed to support work processes can be produced quickly, with high quality and consistency. Cost estimation and quotation can be automated. Material wastage can be minimized through precise management of remnants. Machines to cut, weld, and bend can be integrated.

Construction can plan based on accurate status from fabrication and “as-built” can be integrated with the construction model.

Work Preparation

A typical fabricator will need to work with multiple clients on projects of many different types. It’s critical that work processes can be uniform regardless of the client and the design tools in use.

Hexagon PPM fabrication solutions are based on standardized data format – for piping fabrication, the common Isogen formats (IDF and PCF) that are available from many different design tools. Intergraph Spoolgen software can receive piping design data from any source and transform it into standard quality drawings, reports, and data. Using this tool, the fabricator can modify piping isometrics to define spool breaks. Steel and structural data can be imported from standard formats such as CIS / IFC.

Because data is standardized, work processes such as cost estimation can automated. Instead of having staff reading information from documents such as piping isometrics and re-entering data into spreadsheets, quantities of material and labor can be accurately and quickly determined.

Finally, the workshop can be driven by data of uniform quality. In many cases, robotic cutting, welding, and bending machines can be driven from data originating in 3D design.

Planning Execution

Planning / Execution A fabrication workshop will execute multiple different work packages for different clients and balancing the load across available machinery and staff is critical.

Smart Production is the software used to plan and schedule for optimum use of available machinery and people subject to project constraints (for example, it may be better to fabricate all four-inch pipe spools in a batch. But an urgent request from construction for a particular six-inch may need to be accommodated at short notice. Smart Production receives data directly from Spoolgen or via data import tools, so that data entry is virtually eliminated.

Management of material remnants is a key feature of Smart Production. Offcuts of pipe or steel plate can be matched to the needs of other spools or structure. This significantly reduces waste.

Smart Production provides accurate real-time status. Each production step is separately defined and tracked; when a weld is completed, inspection is scheduled. This can roll up into a comprehensive overview which will identify bottlenecks and where staff are idle.

Quality Assurances

Quality Assurance - the inspection of welds and other NDT processes is integrated with fabrication work processes in the Hexagon PPM solution.

Smart Weld Quality Management System (also known as WQMS) receives welding requirements from Spoolgen (piping welds) or other tools and status information from Smart Production. It supports multiple different inspection work processes, which can be configured to suit customer needs.

An important aspect of weld tracking is the ability to monitor the performance and qualifications of welders. WQMS includes multiple reports which support the QA department and welding supervisors to do their work.

Data can be collected in real time using shop floor barcode readers or mobile applications on tablets or smart phones.

Sihy Finland utilise Spoolgen pour améliorer la productivité
Spoolgen automatise la réception et le traitement des fichiers PCF pour générer des fichiers de données pour les machines de l'usine et pour alimenter les systèmes de planification et de suivi. 
Enabling the Digital Piping Chain in Fabrication

This webinar will be of interest if you are an owner operator seeking to understand how your projects can be more cost effective and transparent, an EPC looking for ways to promote efficiency with your sub-contractors, or a piping fabricator wanting to improve your capability to work on projects large and small.

Intergraph Smart Production

Intergraph Smart® Production Powered by NESTIX features a unique bottom-up approach to control the complete production process within yards and fabricators, based on Industry 4.0 concepts.The solution considerably increases material and resource utilization, manages remnants, improves schedule and material flow, and significantly reduces the man-hours required in the work preparation process.