GetSmart! Webinar - How to Design your Electrical Distribution Reliably, Safely and on Budget

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17 October, 09:00 AM - 17 October, 10:00 AM

At the start of a project or in the conceptual design phase, the electrical engineer needs to lay out and optimize the distribution network fit for purpose and budget. In this Hexagon PPM GetSmart! Webinar, product owners will show how SmartPlant® Electrical is the tool of choice to help engineers create the project-optimized distribution network.

In conjunction with the ETAP Analysis solution, we can use the designed and validated network directly from ETAP in SmartPlant Electrical to create the project deliverables plus create and size the cables for the project.

At any time, the design can be sent back to ETAP for further validation to ensure a quick and high-quality design turn around.

Join us for this webinar and see how SmartPlant Electrical and ETAP can help you to efficiently create your project base design deliverables.

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