Hyundai Engineering Sees Real-Time Data Review with Hexagon PPM

HEC works diligently to enhance quality of life for all by providing engineering solutions in a range of fields, including the process plant, power and energy plant, infrastructure and environmental sectors. With many years of experience, outstanding technologies and talents as its foundation, the company is expanding into construction, housing and renewable energy to create higher customer value.

The Challenge

 As one of Korea’s leading engineering, procurement, and construction contractors (EPCs), Hyundai Engineering (HEC) implemented a new system, based on various Hexagon PPM solutions, to check 3D models and data in real time. The expected benefits included:

  • Simultaneous collaboration and communication
  • Reduced time and costs associated with verifying design quality
  • Reduced project risk
  • Faster project execution
  • Improved handover

EPCs create mountains of engineering data every day during the production of 3D models. Typically, designers check and review the model and associated data at major milestones (for example, 30 percent complete, 60 percent, 90 percent and then prior to final handover at the end of the engineering phase).

As capital projects grow larger and more complex, EPCs need to see and check their models and engineering data more frequently and in real-time, with all designers viewing a “single source of truth” in a unified system. This is a necessity for maintaining data quality, tracking design errors, and minimizing project risk.  

There are two main challenges associated with solving this issue:

  • 1. Publishing data every day has a significant effect on data processing performance
  • It is extremely time consuming to convert 3D models into the required format for real-time viewing

HEC saw an opportunity to improve productivity by building a system to check models and data in real-time, in a single system with all stakeholders having the ability to communicate simultaneously, therefore saving time spent verifying design quality between different models and ultimately, lowering project risk. 

The Solution

As a long-time user of Hexagon PPM design and information management tools, including Intergraph Smart 3D and SmartPlant Foundation, HEC established a project called “3D Based Connecting Space (3BCS)” to address this issue.

The aim of 3BCS was to make models and engineering data from Smart 3D through a single system based on Smart Enterprise Portal, an innovative web-based information search engine that fully supports the entire facility life cycle process.

The other part of the project was adding SmartPlant Interop Publisher adopter module to its mix of PPM solutions, which allows 3D models and engineering data to be published to SmartPlant Foundation in real-time.

The outcome was a “single source of truth” for HEC designers, with enhanced communication and collaboration and data updated in real-time.

The new system is already in use on the Al-Zour LNG Import Terminal Project, a US$3 billion facility in Kuwait.

“Our aim was to save time and costs associated with our engineers checking and validating data, and we have already seen an improvement,” said Myung-Su Han, chief information
officer of the IT Innovation Division at HEC. “HEC’s clients will also benefit from the system, as it will enable faster project execution and a quick and efficient handover at the end of the project phase.”

Future Plans

"We plan to extend 3BCS to other projects in 2018," said Myung-Su Han. “Once the environment is established, we anticipate it will be easy to replicate for other clients.”