Chiyoda Sets Mega-Project Standard with Intergraph Smart Materials

Intergraph Smart Materials delivers optimized, integrated materials management system to Chiyoda Corporation, which helped the Japanese engineering company with three large LNG plants in Qatar.

The Challenge

Chiyoda Corporation is a world-leading engineering company doing business in 40 countries in the fields of energy, chemicals and petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, environmental technology, social infrastructure, and industrial facilities. It is a front-runner in energy-related technology, and its purpose is to contribute to society through engineering for sustainable progress by promoting balance and harmony between industrial progress and the global environment.

Chiyoda undertook three large LNG projects in Qatar - with each project requiring the construction of two trains with a capacity of 7,800,000 t/year each - which was the world's largest capacity record to-date. 

To accomplish these three mega-projects, the Japanese engineering company had to:

  • Establish an automated, transparent materials management system across all EPC processes,
  • Ensure a seamless interface between the materials management system and multiple 3D CAD systems
  • Optimize project workflows to execute multiple projects concurrently

The Solution

Chiyoda turned to Hexagon PPM technology.

"Intergraph Smart Materials is recognized as the industry standard, and its fundamental data structure is an excellent fit with our desire for an automated materials management system," said Ichiro Ota, general manager of the engineering services and project IT department at Chiyoda. "With Smart Materials implemented, we were able to meet the requirements of the 3LLNG Qatar mega-projects."

PPM worked closely with Chiyoda to implement Smart Materials to its specific requirements, establishing project workflows, preparing material codes, and customizing reports. Chiyoda requested custom functionality such as reducing the importing spool BOM data volume - as the company had requested subcontractors to send BOM data for all spool - and automatic execution of custom reports each night to share the generated intermediate file, a process reduces report generation time for each user. 

In addition, PPM modified several native programs in Smart Materials to meet the data volume of the mega-projects, which was critical for project execution.

Chiyoda also implemented other PPM solutions, such as Smart Instrumentation and Smart P&ID, which were integrated with Smart Materials for the sharing of instrumentation and line list data. It was also important that Smart Materials was integrated with Chiyoda's other systems, including Smart 3D and its in-house ELE/INS MTO systems. 

Chiyoda established a seamless interface, enabling the company to manage all EPC data in a single database for a fully integrated materials management process. The company could monitor the project status regularly and manage any risks accordingly. At the peak of the 3LLNG projects, more than 300 users accessed the Smart Materials system.

"Smart Materials helped tremendously in optimizing the entire materials management process, ensuring that the correct quantity of the required materials was delivered at the right time to the construction site," said Ota. "Smart Materials contributed significantly to project execution. Without the Hexagon PPM solution, we would not have been able to complete the 3LLNG Qatar mega-projects successfully."

As a leading EPC contractor, Chiyoda continues to enhance its materials management system with Smart Materials.

Ota said, "Smart Materials is one of the best software solutions for EPC contractors, and it can handle even the most complex and challenging projects. We used it successfully for our mega-projects, and we highly recommend the solution for effective materials management."