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Download September 2019 Desktop Calendar Make this your desktop image for September 2019, from our Golden Valve Awards Contest ... courtesy Ilham Ramadhan | PT. Rekayasa Industri | Indonesia. 
Keeping the Project and Operational Twin Current New capability of Intergraph Smart 3D 2019 is being able to support a scenario of change and consolidation of the design into the operational environment. Frank Joop explains how this allows several projects to run in parallel.
Predictive Analytics for Project Management is no Pipe Dream! Free webinar on Aug. 27 will show how to leverage your data intelligence to predict outcomes. Customer FTI Consulting shares how it uses EcoSys to develop insights and discover new ways to drive project performance.
Connected Worker: Staying Connected Minimizes Downtime, Costs, Paper Processes Improve the effectiveness of your workforce by linking your workers with access to information so they can make faster, better decisions.
Why You Should Give Workers What They Need to Do Their Jobs Knowledge is a tool that must be accessible to process plant workers at all times. Mobile connectivity is a must-have for front line staff to maintain readiness for operations and maintenance. 
It Took How Long to Get that Software Patent? Design and messaging processes are the latest in a long line of patents for Hexagon PPM computer software architects.
Enterprise Project Performance: Tackling Complexity, Delivering Returns To run projects, many companies use a web of in-house developed tools, commercial software and spreadsheets. But is this siloed, disjointed approach the best way to succeed?
Solving Problems Along the Digital Transformation Journey Review our track sessions to see if Hexagon PPM's LOCAL User Conference 2019 in Houston Sept. 10 is right for you. There's also j5 software training on Sept. 11. Early Bird rate expires Aug. 16!
Jump Start Your Journey to Digital Fabrication Technology has made it easier to keep up with the components of our daily lives. So why can't fabrication processes have the same visibility? Companies that enable their workforce to be "digital fabricators" can achieve major efficiency gains and have complete transparency with the process. Learn more in an Aug. 28 webinar.
What is a Human Sensor? Don’t ask your shift crew to do double work … writing their processes on paper and then punching it into a system. It creates a perfect storm of miscommunication. Equip your personnel for optimal communication.