North Sydney Office Transformation

When you spend every day working in an office, it's easy to forget how others might see that same space. This was certainly the case with our Hexagon North Sydney office. Read all about it's recent amazing transformation

Situated on the picturesque northern suburb of North Sydney, with unmatched harbourside views the Hexagon North Sydney office has been at the heart of the Hexagon (Intergraph) business for more than 20+ years.  Providing core business operational services, the North Sydney office is a busy hub and home to finance, marketing, Sales, IT and HR departments across both Hexagon PPM & Hexagon HS&I divisions. But it was looking (a little/bit) rough around the edges.

In late 2018 Hexagon hired Crest Office Interiors to help breathe new life to this much beloved institution and achieve a modern, open plan working space, that was a true reflection of the Hexagon brand.

Prior to construction, the office floor plan was based off many small offices aligned along the window perimeter which blocked most of the stunning harbour views and natural light. The enclosed reception area was underutilized, whilst insufficient meeting room space didn't provide enough room for the growing teams and client base.

In response, most of the perimeter offices were completely removed to allow natural light to flood throughout the office. With the offices removed we were able to reconfigure workstations achieving the desired open floor plan with harbour views now visible from every seat in the house.

The wall that enclosed the reception area was also removed and the space comfortably refurnished with soft modular seating. This area is now used to welcome clients and visitors alike as well as by staff for short breaks or to take a phone call.

Designed to bridge the gap between the office environment and communal lounge areas, a fun new collaborative lounge area is perfect for small team meetings. The refurbished office kitchen with high bench seating is a popular new spot for staff lunches or company gatherings. Furthermore, we now have two well-appointed meeting rooms, seating 8 and 12 persons irrespectively.

To ensure speech privacy the entire office was given an acoustic treatment via integration of the SoundMask system. Hexagon also appointed Nanda\Hobbs to install new Australian key art pieces to complete the transformation.

The success of the design of an office is measured by employee satisfaction and the feedback we have received has been nothing short of pure excitement and joy. We now have a purposely built and esthetically pleasing space to work, collaborate, network and celebrate.

We look forward to welcoming you to the new Hexagon North Sydney office.