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Ensure Business Resiliency Through Proactive Transformation: A Closer Look

Are you ready to bounce back? Business resilience is the ability of the organization to rapidly adapt and respond to business disruptions, safeguard people and assets, while maintaining continuous business operations. Resilient organizations plan and act to secure their mission-critical and the IT and OT infrastructure through which they operate. 

Industrial control systems face growing risk from malicious or inadvertent changes. Hackers have increased their knowledge of industrial control systems and are becoming more coordinated and targeted in their efforts to take over process control systems. Engineering mistakes can go unnoticed and potentially affect production without automated detection in place.

In this video presentation we discuss/demonstrate:

  1. How organizations could build resilience through proactively being aware of their inventory and the associated vulnerabilities
  2. How Cyber Integrity can help:
    • Gain inventory visibility into IT and OT assets
    • Identify vulnerability matches for the assets
    • Visualize Endpoint Risk and Risk Propagation
    • Prevent unplanned downtime due to unauthorized changes