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The Next Normal: Are You Ready?

Featuring Mattias Stenberg, CEO & President of Hexagon's PPM Division

Join Hexagon’s PPM Division President Mattias Stenberg for a keynote about disruption, transition & transformation. With his address “How to Survive an Anaconda Attack,” Stenberg addresses our state of readiness as an industry. He examines how the crisis exposed cracks in current business models he’s been talking about since taking the lead at Hexagon’s PPM division. He explains how, by accelerating the demise of the “old normal,” we have a historic opportunity to define and create the next normal through digital transformation.

Stenberg then joins the audience for a Q&A session and then welcomes Mark Bonchek, founder of Shift Thinking, for his take on “New Thinking for the Next Normal.” Bonchek addresses how in times of discontinuity, it's not enough to change what we do; we first have to change how we think. Our mental models have grown outdated. Bonchek has been a pioneer on the digital frontier since receiving Harvard's first PhD on the topic of social media in 1997. As the founder & CEO (Chief Epiphany Officer) of Shift Thinking, he helps leaders and organizations like Coca-Cola, Hoffman-LaRoche and Capital One embrace new models of change, leadership and value creation. In this engaging and inspiring talk, he shares why the challenge of our time is unlearning; how to achieve transformative change and generate exponential results; and why we need to rethink our role as leaders.