SPO/E Core 3.3 Implementation Training and Certification (TSPO3301)

Houston, Texas, United States - Hexagon PPM
24 September, 08:30 AM - 28 September, 04:30 PM

SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators (SPO/E) Core Implementation Training and Certification is an instructor-led, 5 day class introducing administrators and implementers to the concepts and functionality provided by the SPO/E Core software. This course consists of lectures describing the different capabilities of the SPO/E Core software reinforced by hands-on activities as well as written tests and a final hands-on activity to demonstrate the student’s ability to understand and deploy a SPO/E Core Fast Track implementation. The class begins with an introduction to SPO/E Core concepts and terminology along with a chapter describing how to use SPO/E Core in a provided out-of-the-box system (a pre-configured training site will be used for this chapter). Students will use the SPO Fast Track methodology to define new organizational structures, document type, pick lists and tag types to configure a new SPO/E Core site. Configuration do’s and don’ts will be discussed as well as defining the necessary XML files for tag authoring and publishing. The class concludes with a SPO/E Core Fast Track Proficiency Practical where students will take a set of requirements, implement a working system and demonstrate the functionality to the instructor.

Students who do not want to achieve a software proficiency certification can elect not to participate in the written testing or the final hands on practical. Students selecting this option will receive a certificate of attendance.

Course Content:

  • What is SPO/E Core and why use it?
  • SPO/E Core Components
  • SPO/E Core Dependencies
  • SPO/E Core Document Management and work processes
  • MS Office Integration with SPO/E Core
  • SPO/E Core Work Packages
  • Installing and Layering SPO/E Core
  • Excel Load Files and SANTA
  • SPO/E Core Fast Track Implementation
  • Configuring Document Management and Office Automation
  • SPO/E Core Consolidated Data Warehouse (CDW)
  • Central Tag Allocation (CTA)
  • Tag Management
  • Model Asset Management
  • Risk Reducing Measures
  • SPO/E Core Fast Track Proficiency Practical


  • Students will be expected to have a knowledgeable understanding of the concepts and functionality of SmartPlant Foundation which is the base platform for SPO/E Core. Prerequisite SPF topics will not be covered and this class will start building on top of the base SPF. It is strongly urged that students should be familiar with and attend the recommended classes listed below*:/E Core Fast Track Proficiency Practical
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Windows 2008 Server
  • Familiarity with a RDBMS (Oracle or MS SQL Server)
  • SPF 2014 R2 Basic Authoring and Administration (TSPE4500)
  • SPF 2014 R2 Advanced Administration and Configuration (TSPE4510)

*Students who do not meet the specified prerequisites will be at a disadvantage understanding the integration between SPF and SPO.

Valid Software Products for this Training:

  • SEBY960AA-0303C – SPO/E Core Only 2014 R3
  • SBND8450L – SPO/E Core with additional software bundle – Small Site
  • SBND8460L – SPO/E Core with additional software bundle - Med Site
  • SBND8470L – SPO/E Core with additional software bundle - Lg Site
  • 5.0 days


  • Monday - Thursday: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Friday: 8:00 AM until all certification observations have been completed.


  • $2,750 per enrollment at Intergraph facilities