Intergraph Smart 3D Design Rule Checker Workshop (TSMP4011)

Houston, Texas, United States - Hexagon PPM
15 October, 08:00 AM - 19 October, 12:00 PM

This course is for programmers and subject matter experts who will be responsible for creating, customizing and deploying design rule checker rules. The first part of the course will include information about the DRC package and user, administrative and configuration training which includes understanding example rule code and writing rules. The latter part will include consulting to help create rules to meet their specific needs. The course features exercises on the creation and modification of rules.

Course Content:

  • Understanding rule requirements and creating pseudocode
  • Identifying objects, reference objects and related objects
  • Identifying defect types the rule will create
  • Identifying configurable portion of the rule data
  • Identifying what the rule will measure, calculate or store
  • Implementing, debugging and deploying the rules, managing rule configuration data revisions


  • Knowledge of Smart 3D including the Smart 3D Data Model
  • Programming Knowledge - .NET language like VB.NET or C#.


  • 4.5 days


  • $2,750 USD