CAESAR II 2019 BETA Program

Webinar - Timezone: CDT
29 November, 10:00 AM - 29 November, 11:00 AM

Get a kick-start on checking out the new features in the upcoming CAESAR II 2019 product release by joining the BETA program. Your participation can help provide the product team with valuable feedback on the software.

Learn about eligibility requirements and participation guidelines for the 2019 BETA program, including how to:

* Apply for BETA program participation
* Enroll in BETA program notifications
* Access and run your BETA downloads
* Target various BETA release features
* Report BETA feedback

And much more!


Stephanie Corken, CAESAR II Product Owner, Hexagon PPM


Date: Thursday, November 29
10:00 AM Houston click here for your local time
: 1 hour
: free eSeminar