EcoSys is an easy-to-use web-based platform purpose-built to deliver a holistic, enterprise-wide perspective on improving the full life cycle of projects – from project portfolio management, to project controls, to contract management. 

EcoSys bridges the gap that has traditionally existed between planning and managing project execution. This means EcoSys delivers the industry’s deepest capabilities across the full spectrum of solutions that project and program professionals need to effectively control costs, manage resources and improve all facets of project performance – from long-range capital planning and portfolio management, through the immediate and real-time information needs of project execution.

The EcoSys Enterprise Project Performance Platform consists of three core products – EcoSys Portfolios, EcoSys Projects and EcoSys Contracts - that seamlessly share information. This makes the software an ideal long-term strategic investment. Use the software for your current needs in just one or a few areas, then easily scale to adapt to your organization’s evolving needs over time.

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EcoSys Key Features

Built-in Intelligence

Configure dashboards, screens, spreadsheets and charts, each with the ability to drill down to any level of granularity


Capture, tracking, and reporting of commentary in real time for all areas to improve communication

Enterprise Data Structures

Portfolios, programs, projects, contracts, work breakdown structures (WBS)BS, cost breakdown structures (CBS), and more

Excel-like Usability

The flexible, familiar interface aids user adoption, while eliminating the challenges and errors of desktop spreadsheets.

Standards-Based Flexibility

Take rich, out-of-the-box best practices and tailor the user experience and business rules based on role and project size/type.

Powerful Data Integration

Leading technology creates a definitive source of project data including schedules, costs, commitments, time sheets, and more

EcoSys Portfolios

Prioritize, select, and manage project portfolios from inception through execution to close out. With Portfolios, know that you’re using funds and resources optimally to drive corporate strategy and maximize returns.

Learn more about EcoSys Portfolios.

EcoSys Projects

Projects remains the global standard for enterprise project controls. It provides the means to improve efficiency and productivity, increase project predictability, and proactively improve project outcomes.

Learn more about EcoSys Projects.

EcoSys Contracts

With Contracts, apply best practices for communication, tracking, and corrective action. Fully understand the cost and schedule impact of changes before contracts get out of control.

Learn more about EcoSys Contracts.


Earned Value Management with EcoSys

Watch this video to learn more about Earned Value Management (EVM), how EcoSys Projects makes it easy, and why it is the executive’s secret weapon for “management with the lights on.”

Contract Management with EcoSys Contracts

Watch this video to see how EcoSys Contracts makes contract management easy by seamlessly bringing together contract and project management data for greater efficiency, accountability, and visibility into project performance.

EcoSys: software de control de proyectos empresariales

Eche un vistazo rápido a las capacidades y los beneficios que han permitido que EcoSys se convierta en el estándar global del software de control de proyectos.


Universidad de Harvard
Obtenga información sobre cómo la institución de educación superior más antigua de los Estados Unidos utiliza EcoSys para lograr una manera más inteligente e integrada de planificar los proyectos de inversión de capital para sus más de 650 instalaciones en cinco campus. Harvard también está utilizando las capacidades de control de costos y gestión de contratos de la plataforma de software EcoSys.
EcoSys is used on CH2M’s major projects - such as the Thames Water Tideway Tunnel program - to standardize and automate best practices across business groups and to build the information needed to drive better forecasting and smarter decision making.
Ball Aerospace
With enhanced capabilities provided by EcoSys in estimating, tracking, analyzing, and forecasting costs, Ball Aerospace & Technologies can break down silos of information and generate more quantitative measures than ever before as it serves the defense, intelligence, commercial, and space markets.