SmartPlant® Foundation

SmartPlant® Foundation is the Hexagon PPM total solution for plant information management. It ensures secure access to plant information, including engineering designs, vendor data, purchase orders, RFQs, specification sheets, and all ancillary documents.

Keeping engineering information current, synchronized, and accessible throughout the life cycle is challenging.

SmartPlant® Foundation provides a modular set of user experiences, based on typical work processes to ensure that valid, consistent, and high-quality engineering data is shared across the value chain and between facility information systems. Users are enabled to make rapid and accurate design and operational decisions from large and complex data sets during the entire plant life cycle.

Available on SmartPlant Cloud

Key benefits


Provides a high integrity and secure repository for project and facility information and documentation with auditable traceability.


Improves quality of engineering and technical data handover from execution into operations.


Enables users to find information quickly and easily based on the knowledge they have.


Promotes client and regulator remote review through a portal to minimize plant startup time and ensure continued operations.


Offers proven Engineering Content Management (EngCM).

Cost reduction

Reduces cost and errors associated with multiple information sources by eliminating the boundaries between them.

SmartPlant Foundation enables us to move away from traditional paper-based data and document management. Based on SmartPlant Foundation, EDIS allows us to manage and access intelligent data easily, while also meeting our strict data specifications and reducing inaccuracies from human error.

Jin Xiaoijian
General Manager of Engineering & Construction Department | China National Offshore Oil Corporation

Enjoy these great features

Flexible access

Through dedicated clients and Web portals via familiar plant terminology using a wide variety of data representations.

Collaborative engineering

Shared information access and updates, notifying stakeholders of changes, and retaining a complete history of actions.

Streamlined process

The electronic definition of work processes enforces mandatory procedures, but remains flexible for ad hoc workflows.

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