HxGN SDx® Connector for Plant Maintenance

HxGN SDx® Connector for Plant Maintenance, designed for SAP® PM, helps keep facility configuration data current, correct, and complete by synchronizing changes in the engineering design basis with the asset information in SAP PM.

HxGN SDx® Connector for PM works with Hexagon PPM Information Management products, including HxGN SDx Operations, SmartPlant® Foundation, and SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators.

The connector is bi-directional. Tags and engineering change requests that originate in PPM solutions are sent as notifications to SAP PM. Similarly, the connector informs the PPM system when equipment is installed or uninstalled in SAP PM. This allows the two systems to keep the vital relationship between the tag, functional location, and equipment records in sync.

Once this data integration is in place, SAP PM users are able to view current engineering data and documents associated with a functional location from within SAP PM.

Data control

Feed SAP PM with reliable, trusted, up-to-date, and complete master data which is in sync with your engineering deliverables


Increases efficiency by giving simple and direct access to engineering data to your maintenance personnel

Risk Reduction

Better, quicker access to more accurate design data means better decisions in critical and non-critical plant situations


Creates effective re-use of accurate engineering data for operations and maintenance

Informed decisions

Avoid bad decisions caused by reliance on incorrect information

Maintenance Management

Reduce workload in planning and executing maintenance activities

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