HxGN SDx® Projects

HxGN SDx Projects addresses the need of capital projects to have effective communication and collaboration through the secure exchange of information deliverables between project stakeholders.

HxGN SDx Projects provides a project-wide, web-based submission, validation, distribution, and review of data and document deliverables. A data centric “digital twin” of the facility can be viewed and navigated to locate relevant data and documentation in context. Electronic workflows, distribution rules, and subscriptions ensure for the correct and consistent review of deliverables with auditable traceability. HxGN SDx Projects reduces the cost and time associated with locating the right information, ensures critical information is subject to appropriate scrutiny, and reduces the time needed for review. In turn, this reduces project costs, time to completion, and risk.

How can you benefit from HxGN SDx Projects?

Efficient and Accurate

Reduced costs of locating and distributing information; access project information and documentation anywhere, anytime on any device

Faster Feedback

Increased efficiency and reduced cycle-time for submission and review of project deliverables

Reduce Project Risk

Less risk by ensuring critical project deliverables are identified, reviewed, and actions are followed up

HxGN SDx Projects is More Than Document Management

Information Management

Engineering collaboration is too complex to be handled with documents alone;get the most from your engineering data

True Collaboration

People working together and securely sharing information when the need arises

Technical Queries

Consistent and trackable communications keep projects moving smoothly

Quality Assurance

Focus on what is most important; the most critical information gets the most scrutiny


Upload information securely from anywhere


Extract information when it must be handled externally

The Revolution is here: HxGN SDx® 2019
HxGN SDx 2019 is here! See the highly anticipated single integrated platform for HxGN SDx Projects and HxGN SDx Operations and their practical features in this webinar.
HxGN SDx® Connector for TruView
Make the most of HxGN SDx with connectors! The more pieces of your digital twin you can connect to each other seamlessly, the more confident you can be in your data, increasing efficiency and safety.
ROI Calculator
How much money are you leaving on the table without digitalization? Throw some quick numbers down and see what our researched figures have to say. Look at a glance and we'll email you the detailed report.
The Big Handover Challenge: Supporting Handover During Both Projects and Operations

Research has shown that handover to operations costs for a US$1 billion facility can be up to US$20 million and take a year to complete. In a recent survey conducted by Hexagon PPM, industry information management professionals shared some of their handover challenges; reviewing information quality and checking on completeness as well as validating information against the specifications have been deemed most critical.

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