FrameWorks® Plus

FrameWorks® Plus is a 2D/3D engineering tool that allows you to build models with associated intelligence.

FrameWorks® Plus is a powerful structural modeling and drawing tool that supports your total workflow: drawing, modeling, analysis, and reporting. Add value to your modeling process by integrating structural tasks with the plant creation process.

FrameWorks Plus enhances the capabilities of MicroStation® because it automates many structural design and engineering functions. MicroStation is a 2D/3D drafting tool; in comparison, FrameWorks Plus is a 2D/3D engineering tool that allows you to build models that have intelligence associated with them.

You can simultaneously create construction drawings and analytical or physical models. The software enables modeling and drawing of structural steel beams, columns, and braces, as well as concrete slabs and walls.

And because it integrates with third-party analytical and steel detailing software, as well as with other Hexagon PPM plant design software, FrameWorks Plus supports all parts of the structural engineering workflow to keep your data accurate and current.

Why FrameWorks Plus

Plant Design

FrameWorks Plus fully supports PDS. You can create structural models of plants and, through an interface to PDS, share the most recent project data across your workplace and around the world.


FrameWorks Plus integrates with the engineering and construction workflow. More than just a CAD program, FrameWorks Plus provides intelligent graphics that support easy modeling, analysis, and reporting.

Drawing & Modeling Workflow Value

FrameWorks Plus provides easy-to-use 2D/3D drafting and modeling tools that are guaranteed to save you time and effort. While you draw 2D construction plans, FrameWorks Plus will create 3D physical and analytical models at the same time.

Key Features

Batch commands; easy interface

Boost productivity; intelligence between plan and elevation views reduces drawing production time

Rule-based Joints

Ensure consistency and adherence to structural engineering standards and accepted practices.

Drawing Features

Increase productivity with features that include automatic scaling and text positioning memory.

Analysis Capabilities

Improve the calculation process and promote data accuracy.

Material Data Publisher

Generate your own material data reports and extract other key data from a set of Oracle tables.

Interference checking

Create better designs with fewer clashes with an interface to PDS.

Physical member modeling

Create models as they are constructed in the field by placing whole elements rather than parts of elements (finite elements).

Offshore commands for automation

14 internationally recognized steel section libraries
Customizable material, analytical, and center-of-gravity reports
CIMSteel version 2.0 import and export
Easy-to-use tutorials

FrameWorks Plus add-on products

SDNF Import
FrameWorks Plus Steel Exchange

Additional Information

Analysis and integration capabilities

Analysis and integration capabilities promote completeness and accuracy of data exchange with integrated, third-party analysis packages such as STAAD-III, LARSA, SAP2000, and RAM Steel. FrameWorks® Plus has a two-way link to STAAD-III and GT STRUDL that makes it an ideal preprocessor for analysis. It fully supports the industry-standard Steel Detailing Neutral File (SDNF) format, which enables steel detailers to read your FrameWorks Plus models without having to redraw them, ensuring drawing consistency and reducing costly errors. Engineering Dynamics Structural Analysis System (SACS) and Det Norske Veritas (DNV) SESAM structural analysis software integrates bi-directionally with FrameWorks Plus for offshore analysis and design.

Two-way data exchange

The FrameWorks Plus module supports two-way data exchange with Design Data SDS/2. SDS/2 is a structural steel detailing and fabrication software that interfaces with PDS and FrameWorks Plus for 3D structural design of process and power plants and offshore rigs. The integration makes the structural workflow entirely digital, improves fabrication accuracy, and reduces rework to cut costs and accelerate schedules through faster approvals and increased design data integrity.

Complementary software

FrameWorks Plus Interfaces to Other Applications

Intergraph Products

Third-Party Products

PDS® is a comprehensive, intelligent computer-aided design/engineering (CAD/CAE) application for plant design, construction, and operations.