Visual Vessel Design (TVVD1003)

Zoetermeer, Netherlands - Dynaflow Research Group
21 November, 09:30 AM - 23 November, 04:30 PM

This training is for engineers/analysts who carry out pressure vessel design to satisfy design code requirements. The training includes a basic introduction to the software (interface, simple data input, editing etc.) and then goes on to develop further skills by using Visual Vessel Design software to design a number of pressure vessel configurations to various codes. In addition, other supplementary topics, output interpretation, and the production of deliverables, are also covered.

Days 1-2

  • Introduction to VVD Interface
  • Options and Process Data
  • Material Libraries
  • Visual vs. Normal Mode and individual component design
  • Design of a Semi-Elliptical Head in VVD (‘Normal’ Mode)
  • Horizontal Vessel with Multiple Nozzles to EN 13445-3
  • Vertical tower with Platforms and Ladders to EN 13445-3
  • Comparison of code criteria EU EN 13445, US ASME VIII Div. 1 and UK PD 5500
  • Vertical tower to ASME VIII Div. 1
  • Convert an existing EN 13445 design to ASME VIII Div. 1
  • Analysis of external loads on Nozzles and Lifting Trunnion analysis
  • Fatigue analysis
  • Legs, Lugs and Half Pipe Jacket
  • Other models (Jacketed Vessel; Rectangular Vessel; (ASME VIII) Div. 1 App. 14 Large Opening and (Welded) and Flat End calculations; EN 13445 Standalone Nozzle Calculation)

Day 3

  • Heat exchanger with fixed tubesheet to EN 13445-3, Sect. 13.5
  • Alternative tubesheet design method to EN 13445-3, Annex J
  • Heat exchanger with submerged floating head to EN 13445-3, Sect. 13.6
  • Heat exchanger with U-tube bundle to EN 13445-3, Sect. 13.4


Delegates should have an appreciation for Mechanical Engineering theory and principles. Qualifications would typically be a Degree or HNC/HND in Mechanical engineering, Chemical Engineering or relevant experience. Pricing (EUR): € 1,800 per individual enrollment

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