Zarubezhenergoproekt Successfully Executes Pilot Project with Intergraph Smart Electrical

Zarubezhenergoproekt, the leading design company that carries out comprehensive design of thermal, nuclear and small power plants in Russia launched with the help of a pilot project called “Nonstandard compartment of low voltage complete device design.”

The Challenge

In 2008 Zarubezhenergoproekt started the implementation of SmartPlant® Enterprise (SPE), complex technology consisting of several applications that would enable the management of plant data across the lifecycle.

In 2012 the company went through the first-use HexagonPPM training and launched a pilot project called “Nonstandard compartment of low voltage complete device design. The first stage of the project was dedicated to database creation according to the Russian standards of key wiring diagrams, common control arrangements, and title block symbols. A significant benefit was found in that title block symbols are filled in automatically in SPEL-D.

The second stage of the project was the setting up of output reports patterns created according to Russian standards and engineering practice. The third stage was dedicated to toolset formation in the SPEL-D catalogue; the fourth stage for key wiring diagram formation, and the fifth stage was to verify correct SPEL data migration to SPEL-D (nonstandard compartment download with its settings).

There are two storage capabilities in SPEL-D created specifically for data, local and global. Global storage is used for all projects, whereas local storage is used for specific project data. All symbols in SPEL-D adhere to industry standards.

The final step was to create the technology itself and construct a procedure manual.

The Solution

After the pilot project execution, Zarubezhenergoproekt specialists were confident in stating high potential of the SPEL-D solution. The following tasks were completed:

  • A project documentation package was formed.
  • All project documents were adjusted in accordance with rules and standards.
  • Time for changes in technical documentation was reduced at the design stage.
  • Data migration from SPEL to SPEL-D was completed successfully.

Zarubezhenergoproekt’s experience of using these solutions for design demonstrates the benefits of Intergraph software compared to traditional methods of design. Key wiring diagrams with clearly identified data terminals and cable connections help to cut down the number of documents issued. In addition, this diagram accepts the wiring and terminal strip scheme creation using traditional methods.

Download the case study here.