Numikon improves brownfield safety with CADWorx® fieldPipe™ Professional and CAESAR II®

Numikon is using Intergraph® CADWorx® fieldPipe™ Professional technical documentation for oil refineries, the pharmaceutical industry, gas plants and other sectors. At present Numikon is working on similar technical documentation packages for another four plants, based on laser surveying and Intergraph CADWorx 3D models.

The Challenge

Numikon specializes in the calculation and analysis of mechanical, power and process equipment and components, project engineering of process and power plants, pipe stress analysis, pressure vessel design, as well as laser scanning and laser surveying.

Numikon’s customer, INA-Industrija nafte d.d., a leading oil exploration, production, refining and marketing company in Croatia, was looking for an efficient solution to create as-built information for their Sisak refinery. INA d.d. hired a consortium of three companies (Numikon d.o.o., TUV-Croatia d.o.o., KONZALT ING d.o.o.) for the project.

Extensive asset documentation for the refinery existed, but there was uncertainty about how accurate and complete it was. Furthermore, there was insufficient information about the specifications of the piping and exact pipe routings throughout the refinery. This lack of information was highly undesirable for safety, operational, and regulatory reasons.

INA therefore decided to have all of the piping in the refinery surveyed to create an accurate and up-to-date 3D model, complete with information about the piping material grades, wall thicknesses, and topology of the pipes, and document all of this on new isometric drawings. This information could then be used to perform pipe stress analysis on critical pipelines.

The survey had to be undertaken while the refinery was operating. Some of the piping was difficult to access because of its location above ground, or because it was insulated.

In addition, the work had to be carried out on a tight deadline. To save time and improve safety, Numikon proposed using:

Numikon first analyzed INA’s drawing specifications and configured the Isogen component of CADWorx Plant Professional to ensure that all the deliverables met the company’s drawing standards, and completely fulfilled the customer’s requirements.

They also entered details of the equipment used at the refinery in a database to support day-to-day plant operations and maintenance activities.

The Solution

Numikon surveyed its part of Sisak refinery in 49 days. Using the laser surveyed data they created all deliverables required by their client, including:

  • 3D models
  • Piping isometrics
  • Details of piping components (valves, pressure regulators, flanges, supports)
  • Tag and nameplate details
  • Details of the equipment and connected piping
  • Pipe stress analysis results (including required test pressure) and pipe data (wall thickness, material properties)

These deliverables enable the owner operator to operate the plant safely and efficiently and comply with all regulatory requirements. The detailed as-built data also greatly facilitates maintenance and plant expansion and modification.

Mario Aníc of Numikon explained, "When we first started using the Leica total station and Intergraph software the two companies trained our staff. It took them about ten days to get up to speed and start on their first project. We were particularly impressed by the in-depth knowledge of the Intergraph and Leica people. Overall, we estimate that our productivity has gone up by as much as 640 percent (six times)! This productivity gain means that we can minimize the on-site project time and maximize efficiency, offering our customers a very attractive package."