JSC Atomenergoproekt Manages Data on NPP Projects with Intergraph® SmartPlant® Enterprise Technologies

JSC Atomenergoproekt, a Russian engineering company specializing in the general design of nuclear power plants, chose Intergraph solutions to enable project execution in a modern IT environment with the possibility of managing data throughout the entire life cycle of energy unit.

The Challenge

JSC Atomenergoproekt has developed the designs for the majority of nuclear power plants (NPP) in Russia, Eastern Europe, and CIS countries, and the company is the general designer of multiple other nuclear plants in Iran, India, Turkey, and Bulgaria.

JSC Atomenergoproekt supports the operation of existing energy units they have designed and is in charge of revamping and decommissioning these energy units. Such a wide range of activities requires a single information platform for better data management.

Atomenergoproekt initially planned to implement technologies, which would lead to project execution in a modern IT environment with the possibility of managing data throughout the entire life cycle of an energy unit. It was of utmost importance to create a single information system which would allow changes to be made automatically in project and engineering documentation and to navigate data and transfer information in any format requested by a customer.

The Solution

After four years of collaboration between Atomenergoproekt and Intergraph®, there now exists a complex information system based on Intergraph’s SmartPlant® Enterprise (SPE) products. This system enables the gathering of documentation within one single platform in order to manage data from different CAD sources effectively.

The central component is an engineering data management system based on the SmartPlant Foundation solution where bills and materials are listed. This system enables all project engineers from different CADs to make changes, with the system concurrently merging all engineering activities.

Intergraph technologies are now being implemented in most Atomenergoproekt branches and offices to create comprehensive documentation for NPP projects.

The Intergraph technical support team and Atomenergoproekt have developed integrated Intergraph solutions with numerous settlement systems, ERP systems, project systems, and structural CADs. This kind of integration makes it possible to decrease working hours for issuing project documentation and significantly diminish the risk of human error during data exchange, which eventually leads to better documentation quality.

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