Creating P&IDs with SmartPlant (TSPL1002E)

Herlev, Denmark
16 marzo, 09:00 - 20 marzo, 16:00

This course is designed for engineers and designers who will use the SmartPlant P&ID software to generate intelligent P&IDs. Learn how to use the SmartPlant P&ID application to optimize the creation of P&IDs.

Topics Covered

  •     Placing equipment, piping, and instruments
  •     Placing labels
  •     Placing assemblies
  •     Organizing your Catalog Explorer
  •     Using Filters to optimize your work
  •     Using the Stockpile
  •     Using the Properties Grid
  •     Manipulating graphics
  •     Working with the Engineering Data Editor
  •     Checking design and data consistency
  •     Printing drawings
  •     Generating reports
  •     Using piping specifications


  •     Familiarity with P&ID design