Enterprise Project Performance

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The scale and complexity of today's projects and portfolios has made it difficult to achieve high levels of performance. The difference between how engineering and construction projects are expected to perform and how they actually perform is often significant. This leads to a lack of confidence in project teams.

EcoSys is a centralized hub for all project and opportunity data. It is the only software in the industry that combines project portfolio management, project controls and project management into a single, flexible solution. There's one database, one login and many tailored user experiences based on organization type, project size and complexity. EcoSys can usher in a new era of efficiency, predictability and control across your enterprise. EcoSys is an ideal solution for:


Project Portfolio Management

Align organizational strategy with project delivery. Bring together all portfolio, project and contract information, giving you unparalleled visibility into performance so you can efficiently balance portfolios and optimize resources.


Project Controls & Project Management

Automate and standardize work processes, resulting in more time spent on value-adding activities, and less time spent on tedious, error prone ones. Accurately measure progress, confidently forecast outcomes and dramatically improve performance.