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28 June, 09:00 AM - 28 June, 10:00 AM

Bust through Barriers with Intergraph Smart® SAP Connector
Connect asset maintenance and engineering information to fully utilize your digital twin

Loss of data quality over the life of a facility has long been a painful challenge during operations and maintenance. Maintenance management systems are lacking correct, valuable, evergreen information about technical objects resulting in deviations from envisioned data-driven processes in maintenance and operations, resulting in increased OPEX and - even worse - higher risk for plant integrity and safety.

Hexagon PPM has been working to modernize SAP integration into a state that makes implementation simpler, more cost efficient, more reliable, and far more capable than before.

Hexagon PPM, along with Intergraph Smart® and SmartPlant® products, has a rich history of engineering document management and engineering information management systems, which provide a trusted source of high quality facility configuration data and documentation – now commonly referred to as the asset’s “digital twin”.

Intergraph Smart SAP Connector is a new integration product that can be used with existing SmartPlant Foundation, SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner and Operators, or SmartPlant Fusion systems. This level of integration will give you the ability to leverage your engineering design basis collected in these products and provide simple, seamless access from within SAP PM to the engineering design basis to better manage your master data for SAP Plant Maintenance.

Register for this 30-minute (plus 15-minute Q&A) webinar to hear more from Nils van Heijnsbergen, director for third party integrations, about:

  • Giving your maintenance engineers 30-75 percent of work time back to actual maintenance by eliminating the need to search for engineering data and documents
  • Raising data quality, detail and trustworthiness in SAP and thereby enabling adoption of data-driven maintenance process execution
  • Synchronizing the ever-changing plant engineering design basis with SAP Plant Maintenance
  • Giving fast, easy access to engineering documentation to thousands of SAP users in an organization

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