Digital Fabricator

Continue the digital chain from engineering to construction through a transparent and real time view of the fabrication process.

Technology has made every aspect of our daily lives substantially easier. Calendar notifications, reminders, news alerts, traffic forecasting- our devices can walk us through every step of every day. Advancements in tracking have even enabled us to follow the movements of our purchases. From check out, to receipt, to delivery - we are updated at every stage.

So why can't your fabrication process have the same visibility?

Fabrication is an important and often overlooked step in the complete process. With better use of the available digital information, this step can influence both the engineering as well as the construction processes. By leveraging the available digital information efficiently, opportunities are created for those companies that adopt such a strategy to achieve major efficiency gains and gain complete transparency within the process. This knowledge will not only reduce handovers since it is based on continuous usage of already existing data, it also allows for efficient project management due to newly created insight of the actual status of the project and its data.



Seguridad Pública y Seguridad
Una demanda creciente

Con menos recursos, las alcaldías y los gobiernos municipales afrontan cada vez más llamadas solicitando servicios; afectando el alcance de los objetivos y aumentando la frecuencia y gravedad de los incidentes graves.

Seguridad Pública y Seguridad
Mayor complejidad

Densidad de población, infraestructuras, servicios interdependientes y un mayor impacto de los incidentes, presentan riesgos de seguridad complejos y exigen mayor protección para las ciudades y los ciudadanos.

Seguridad Pública y Seguridad
Cambio de expectativas

El aumento del escrutinio público y las expectativas del servicio, afectan la percepción pública de seguridad y legitimidad de las agencias.


Operaciones optimizadas

Al automatizar los procesos y equipar al personal con la información y las herramientas adecuadas, ayudamos a las ciudades a destinar los recursos para gestionar mejor las crecientes demandas.

Mayor cooperación

A través de herramientas e información compartida, ayudamos a las agencias de la ciudad a salvar brechas, trabajar juntas con un propósito común y coordinar acciones para mejorar la seguridad.

Mayor compromiso

Ayudamos a las ciudades a modernizar los servicios y mejorar la participación de las partes interesadas, mediante el uso de herramientas interactivas, información basada en el contexto y realizando seguimientos de informes de desempeño,

For Pipe Shops
As a pipe fabricator, how often do you receive a request for a quotation or a purchase order but are unable to provide an accurate delivery date because you don't know if you have the materials in stock? You may not have the visibility of the upcoming workshop activities to know when you are able to fabricate the spools. Hexagon's Digital Fabricator solution enables you to have full visibility of your fabrication status at every step, ensuring that you have accurate and achievable delivery dates.
For Steel Service Centers
The success of a steel service business usually relies on speed and accuracy of quotations and time to delivery. But how often are you able to deliver by your estimated date? Hexagon's Digital Fabricator solution integrates with 2D/3D design, schedule, material management, and the machines on the shop floor. This allows you to manage the complete steel service center production process, starting from the quotation calculation and continuing through work planning, part production, packaging and delivery until final invoicing.
For Ship Yards
Yards often struggle with integration across the different departments needed in the fabrication process. Are you spending too much time and energy on work preparation because your engineering design information and project schedules are being manually updated on spreadsheets or on physical documents? The Hexagon Digital Fabricator solution delivers an integrated solution on one platform. Engineering design and project schedules are directly imported to the solution that automatically creates work orders with proper capacity and resource planning for the shop floor. We provide design data agnostic import capabilities as well as integration with standard schedule and ERP systems. By taking material availability, project schedules, resources and direct connections to fabrication machines into account, a productive and efficient shop floor schedule and a detailed fabrication plan is created for the shop floor and individual work centers.