AES-Buran creates Intergraph® expert team

LLC ‘AES-BURAN’ executes engineering services in the nuclear sector in Southeast Asia by using Intergraph Smart 3D products to tackle the challenge of not having a pipe elements database.

The Challenge

LLC ‘AES-Buran’ is oriented towards performing a full range of work within the nuclear industry. The company relies on a variety of assets to fulfill its roles, namely proven and recognized solutions, innovative technologies and 60 years of experience in the development of the nuclear industry in Russia.

Under a new initiative, AES-Buran decided to create an expert group to develop and execute engineering services in the nuclear sector in Southeast Asia in relatively small periods of time. This was the motivation behind partnering with Bureau ESG – a systems integrator company – to implement Intergraph® design technology for nuclear power plant (NPP) units and in turn train employees to work with Intergraph solutions.

The main project challenge was the lack of a pipe elements data base. This was necessary to start working in Intergraph Smart™ 3D where the NPP unit model was going to be created. With the help of Bureau ESG specialists, this database was completed and the resulting catalogs included information on all types of pipes existing in the Russian Federation.

The Solution

In less than a year, AES-Buran formed a trained expert group to issue project documentation in Smart 3D, not only for the nuclear sector, but also for the petrochemical industry, among others.

Due to this, in less than a year the complex model for the nuclear power plant was created (including the atomic reactor), consisting of 13 buildings and seven tunnels. The overall number of objects is 1.5 million, the data volume is 23,576MB and the designed pipe diameter is 6-to-2500mm.

You can read the whole case study here.