STI Engineering Designs Waste-to-Energy Plant with CADWorx & Analysis Solutions

Italian engineering company, STI Engineering, selects Intergraph CADWorx solutions to improve design execution

The Challenge

STI Engineering won an international tender for a multidisciplinary design, waste-to-energy plant on Terceira, a small island in the Azores archipelago (Portugal). This plant is set to process 40,000 tons of municipal solid waste per year, generating power for 20,000 residents. The new facility would produce 24 million KWh per year of electricity, from the 10 structures and 30 equipment and 300 piping lines. The main goals for STI Engineering were to save time and cost while creating accurate, timely, and detailed engineering information.

With a tender valuing a total amount of 30 million euros, STI Engineering needed to stringently evaluate various solutions available in the market to be able to select the best engineering and analysis solutions provider.

The greatest challenge for STI Engineering was finding a tool that could reduce the overall execution time of the plant design phase. Generally, the company found that many of the solutions provided by other vendors had long start up and implementation times, which could have affected the entire project schedule. Having a solution that was easy to learn, could be set up quickly, and easily customized in accordance with the project requirements, in terms of both documentation and reporting deliverables, was fundamental to the success of the project.

Additionally, many of the other solutions considered required the use of a dedicated CAD administrator, which would have increased administration costs for the project.

The shortlist consisted of just three solutions. After a thorough and detailed evaluation of each solution, weighing up the respective capabilities of each against the needs of the project, CADWorx® Plant Professional was selected as the primary 3D platform due to its ease of use and efficiency. This was due to the object-based system providing greater and more flexible access to design data, and easier modelling and manipulation of piping supports, helping to reduce engineering work and lower design costs. Additionally, CADWorx Plant Professional was the only software considered providing bi-directional integration with CAESAR II®, and interoperability with OrthoGen and CADWorx P&ID Professional.

The Solution

The project involved considerable engineering challenges. Any solution selected would need to increase productivity, require only minimal training to get users productive, and be easy to implement and configure. The solution also needed to provide efficient modelling and manipulation of piping supports, while enabling interoperability with other solutions.

CADWorx Plant Professional was the fundamental base to manage cost control and planning for the project. The engineering work comprised of creation of piping specifications, P&IDs, a 3D model, isometrics, layouts, and material take offs.

Once specifications were defined and made available, the first step in the project execution involved creating a 3D model of the plant. The complete model was created and completed in just four months. The second step, to avoid rework in the field, was the CADWorx interference check between all disciplines included in the multidisciplinary design.

Finally, utilizing Isogen® and OrthoGen, STI Engineering generated accurate isometrics and layouts automatically from the model, saving considerable man hours during this critical step in the project execution.

Next, a database linked to CADWorx Plant Professional, containing all components present in the model and all of the client’s purchase order codes, was created so that bills of materials could be reported and submitted for procurement. Customization and integration of the database with the procurement system was possible without the assistance of Intergraph personnel.

When asked about the results of using CADWorx Plant Professional, STI Engineering said, “The use of (Hexagon) tools reduced engineering work by approximately 30 percent, and engineering software cost by approximately 60 percent compared to similar previous projects. We are currently looking into expanding our knowledge of other (Hexagon) software like CADWorx fieldPipe Professional, which enables the use of laser-scan and laser-trace technology to capture the real as-built.”

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