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Addressing Engineering Construction Challenges Using Lean Principles to Manage and Monitor Projects At the recent Oil & Gas Conference in Mumbai, Hexagon PPM’s Praveen Kumar Nakkella analyzed the latest trends, challenges, strategies and technologies for procuring and delivering quality, sustainable EPC projects. Discover what our construction expert in the mining and process industries had to share.
"As Is" and Operational Twin are Now Here! Hexagon PPM Confident Startup has gone beyond digital twin of physical assets to real-time operational twin.
Technology Adoption Growing in Middle East Building Construction Industry Innovation hinges on adopting new technologies, and that requires education. While the Middle East building construction industry faces challenges to technology adoption, the region is well-positioned to accelerate the pace of innovation.
Travelling Around the World: Where is My Stuff? With the help of our modern Logistics Packing and Shipment solutions, you can obtain a convenient way of coordinating, managing and monitoring your suppliers’ and freight forwarders’ activities in a Portal by making all data transparent and visible at any time. 
Informed Purchasing: How to Decide Where to Buy Intergraph Smart Materials supports the entire purchasing process and plays a key role in making the execution smoother and decisions easier. Hexagon PPM Business Development Manager Maurizio Granata tells how a single platform can assist when facing thousands of materials choices.
The Trouble with Construction: How to Manage Materials On-site Properly Improving the efficiency of any construction process requires the right materials in the right place at the right time. Hexagon PPM Product Manager Shankara Chebolu explains how the management of materials can lead to superior cost savings.
How Efficiently are You Managing Your Bill of Materials and Requisitions?

The modern business environment has grown increasingly competitive, and much attention is now placed on materials procurement management to curtail excessive project costs. Hexagon PPM's Jameeruddin shares how to achieve a competitive edge with the most accurate, transparent BOM.

Addressing Project Completion Challenges to Deliver Improved Performance: Intergraph Smart Completions One of the major challenges of managing capital projects today is the timely execution of project completion activities. Hexagon PPM has always been ahead of the curve for providing outcome-based solutions to its customers, has a very powerful solution for Completions to address these challenges and meet the expectations of the completion planners – Intergraph Smart Completions. 
Searching for a Good Supplier? Join Hexagon PPM Technical Director Guido Hufer in the latest installment of "Materials Management Made Easy." 
Life at Hexagon: Featuring Michael Henry

In our “Life at Hexagon” blog, we will introduce you to some of the interesting people and fabulous places that call us home. Get to know Michael Henry, a quality assurance engineer in Huntsville, Alabama.