20150415 Efficiently Managing Projects with SmartPlant® Instrumentation

Multiple engineering companies are often involved in both greenfield as well as brownfield projects. This is done to reduce risk, accelerate schedule, and take advantage of the domain expertise and resources each contractor.

Using sub-projects makes perfect sense when multiple contractors are involved, but it introduces the big challenge of consolidating the engineering data into one consistent and high quality design. SmartPlant® Instrumentation 2015 offers a robust Project Management module. This new and powerful offering will not only allow you to have projects existing plants, but it will also support specific scenarios. For example,  it allows a main contractor working together with a main automation contractor to share and consolidate across projects.

SmartPlant Instrumentation offers clear and powerful tools to manage the consolidation of the sub-projects to quickly and efficiently create a high quality design. Download our webinar, originally presented on April 15, 2015, to learn about this new and powerful capability that supports project work for both plant owners as well as engineering companies.