Digital Spool Fabrication

Continue the digital chain from engineering to construction through a transparent and real time view of the spool fabrication process.

Technology has made every aspect of our daily lives substantially easier. Calendar notifications, reminders, news alerts, traffic forecasting- our devices can walk us through every step of every day. Advancements in tracking have even enabled us to follow the movements of our purchases. From check out, to receipt, to delivery - we are updated at every stage.

So why can't fabrication shops have the same visibility?

Why does engineering work under the assumption that PDFs and spreadsheets are the most important deliverables? Why should workers at a construction site have to search to find the right spool?

Fabrication is an important and often overlooked step in the complete process. With better use of the available digital information, this step can influence both the engineering as well as the construction processes. By leveraging the available digital information efficiently, opportunities are created for those companies that adopt such a strategy to achieve major efficiency gains and gain complete transparency within the process. This knowledge will not only reduce handovers since it is based on continuous usage of already existing data, it also allows for efficient project management due to newly created insight of the actual status of the project and its data.


It's In The Numbers

Speed - Digital Spool Fabrication

Speed up quote calculation by 30-80%

Utilization - Digital Spool Fabrication

Save materials by 1-5%

Storage - Digital Spool Fabrication

Reduce storage by 60%

Digital Spool Fabrication can enable you to…

Combine The Sales Process with Production - Digital Spool Fabrication
Combine the Sales Process with Production

Manage Change - Digital Spool Fabrication
Manage Change

Accurately Predict Deliveries - Digital Spool Fabrication
Accurately Predict Deliveries


Efficiency - Digital Spool Fabrication

Reduction In Man Hours - Digital Spool Fabrication
Reduction in Man Hours

Improved Quality - Digital Spool Fabrication
Improved Quality