Digitally Transform Your Industrial Procedures with j5 2019

03 September 2019

What’s New in j5 2019?


It is now accepted that the use of scattered communication and data collection methods like paper, spreadsheet and word processor documents has contributed to the cause of many industrial disasters. The high risk of poor shift handover procedures has been highlighted on numerous CSB investigation reports over many years. In its June 2019 “Toxic Chemical Release at the DuPont La Porte Chemical Facility” investigation report, for example, the CSB also provided “Shift Communication Practices Guidance to Industry.” In May 2019, Peter Reynolds – an ARC Advisory Group consultant – highlighted the positive, “breakthrough” impact that the digital transformation of industrial procedures can provide to manufacturers:

“Digitally transformed industrial procedures could well be the next ‘killer app’ in a company’s smart manufacturing journey by supporting new levels of human performance through deeper integration of manual actions with automated control logic.”

With the historical devastation caused by poor shift handover procedures, the ongoing advice from industry and government agencies is to improve human procedures at industrial sites. In 2019, there really is little reason not to digitize crucial processes that affect human and environmental safety.

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