CAESAR II® ist die weltweit gebräuchlichste Software für Rohrflexibilitäts- und Rohrbelastungsanalyse. Die Komplettlösung ermöglicht die schnelle und präzise Analyse von Rohrsystemen, die verschiedensten Belastungen ausgesetzt sind, indem Gewicht, Druckverhältnisse, Temperaturen sowie seismische, statische und dynamische Bedingungen in Betracht gezogen werden. Die Analyse basiert auf benutzerdefinierten Variablen und allgemein anerkannten Industriestandards.

CAESAR II® analysiert Rohrsysteme jeglicher Größe und Komplexität, unabhängig davon, ob es sich um das Design eines neuen Systems oder Fehlerbehebung in einem bestehenden System handelt. CAESAR II zeichnet sich zudem durch die bidirektionale Verbindung zwischen Analyse und computergestütztem Design (CAD) aus, die Ingenieuren und Designern die einfache Informationsteilung ermöglicht und gleichzeitig die Zeichnungen und die damit verwandten Daten synchronisiert.

Erfahren Sie in dieser Kundengeschichte , wie SAFE aus Italien CAESAR II und weitere Lösungen von Hexagon PPM zur mechanischen Reaktionsanalyse einsetzt.


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Increase Productivity

Take advantage of static and dynamic analysis with cutting-edge graphics.

Save Time

Benefit from intuitive analysis model creation.

Improve Data Accuracy

Make use of design tools and wizards along with comprehensive error checking.


Das von CAESAR II gebotene Niveau an Detail, Funktionalität und Komplexität ist bei beiden Projekten von wesentlicher Bedeutung für die Fertigstellung des Designs. Die Funktion zur automatisierten Einhaltung von Normen war besonders nützlich und hat uns in der Analysephase viel Zeit erspart.

Andrew O’Neill
Group Solutions Development Manager bei Zinfra


Data Input

CAESAR II makes it easy to input and display all the data needed to accurately define a piping system analysis model.

Cutting-edge Graphics

Cutting-edge Graphics The CAESAR II input graphics module makes quick work of developing analysis models while clearly indicating areas of concern.

Design Tools and Wizards

Benefit from tools and wizards for tasks such as creating expansion loops or viewing plant models in the analysis space.

Analysis Options

You can analyze the effects of wind, support settlement, seismic loads, and wave loads.

Error Checking and Reports

An integrated error checker checks for consistency from both a “finite element” and “piping” point of view.

Material and Assemblies Databases

Table look-ups for piping materials and components are offered, plus expansion joints and structural steel sections.

Bi-directional Interface with Design

Seamless, bi-directional links between plant design and engineering analysis promote data accuracy.

CAESAR II® Industries

Building Services

Known as the standard for pipe stress analysis, CAESAR II® also brings value to the building industry. It performs both static and dynamic analysis to measure the following effects on a system: thermal, deadweight, pressure loads, wind, support settlement, seismic loads, and more. Additionally, CAESAR II is capable of performing modal, harmonic, response spectrum, and time history analysis.

The ability to test different facets of a piping system during the design process and communicate the findings to other stakeholders in a collaborative way is what sets CAESAR II apart. It is more than just piping stress analysis software. In fact, it is the scalable and proven solution that building engineers and designers need to deliver accurate and safe installations.


Whether you are designing a petrochemical or chemical plant or need to direct the engineering process with a heavy chemical component, CAESAR II® brings you out-of-the-box functionality. Take advantage of this pipe stress analysis package that links to CADWorx piping CAD software to perform the following tasks:

  • Define a piping system analysis model quickly
  • Identify points of concern and stress models with cutting-edge graphics and color-coding
  • Use tools and wizards to create expansion loops accurately
  • View numerous data points using CAESAR II's extensive analysis options
  • Highlight errors to ensure correction
  • Reference material and assembly databases for correct datasets
  • Connect to CADWorx® Plant for the exchange of design and analysis data
  • Much more

Explore this pipe stress analysis software for the chemical industry and discover how it can help your organization by contacting us today.


Since 1984, CAESAR II® has offered engineers and designers a complete solution for pipe stress analysis. CAESAR II helps you easily determine piping system nozzle loads affecting your equipment, greatly reducing the amount of time typically spent on these tasks. CAESAR II automatically creates stress isometrics using ISOGEN so they can be viewed in the AutoCAD format. piping software . CAESAR II can quickly analyze a wide range of systems by gathering information directly from piping software without the need for data re-entry. From large, complex models to basic ones, CAESAR II is flexible, easy to use, proven, and accepted industry-wide.

Contact us today to experience this AutoCAD piping system software firsthand.

Food and Beverage

A critical component of managing an infrastructure project is streamlining data exchange. Whether your project involves transferring existing equipment and ensuring compliance with new equipment or making extensive piping modifications, CAESAR II® enhances productivity. For a food and beverage project, the software enables you to perform the following tasks:

  • Input data to make element-by-element changes or adjustments on a global level
  • Extract data from the 3D model to perform pipe flexibility and stress analysis
  • Share information among stakeholders to improve interaction and reduce errors
  • Avoid rework by using CAESAR II's tools that help anticipate accurate bids and estimates
  • Much more

Contact Hexagon PPM today to discuss your project and to learn more about CAESAR II - the standard for pipe stress analysis.


Plant design and engineering firms across the globe use CAESAR II® in a number of industries, including offshore applications, because of its ease of use, proven performance, and scalable results. Since inputting data is straightforward, you'll save time when creating 3D pipe models. This software uses cutting-edge graphics and an easy-to-follow color-coding system that lets you identify problem areas quickly - drastically cutting the amount of project hours.

In conjunction with 3D piping software, CAESAR II has become the industry standard for measuring structural responses and for performing pipe stress analysis. No matter if your offshore project is large and complex or small and precise, CAESAR II is a scalable and complete solution that helps expedite the design and engineering process.

For additional information on this pipe stress analysis software solution, contact us today.


The pharmaceutical industry must follow strict guidelines from agencies at local, national, and global levels. Whether you are involved with a pharmaceutical plant or another type of facility, CAESAR II® is a complete and scalable solution.

Major international piping codes are built directly into this software as well as an integrated error checker. It checks user input for consistency and also performs these checks from a "piping" point of view. This helps prevent inaccuracies from occurring and also creates reports that are clear and fully user-definable.

As the standard for piping stress analysis, CAESAR II brings tremendous value to your pharmaceutical project. Contact us to experience this reliable software.


CAESAR II® is used within the piping industry to define and evaluate system models. CAESAR II enables you to gather accurate data from your design through strong bi-directional links to CADWorx piping CAD software. This link makes it easy to create error-free analysis models. In its results, CAESAR II uses a color-coded system that helps you identify areas of concern quickly and clearly. These graphics also allow you to view animated displacements for any stress load case.

In addition to evaluating a piping system's load capabilities, this pipe stress analysis software has other functions:

  • Analyze response to deadweight, thermal, and pressure loads
  • Measure the effects of support settlement, wave and seismic loads, and wind
  • Select proper springs for necessary support
  • Evaluate support lift off, friction, and gap closure
  • Much more

See how you can use Intergraph's piping CAD software for your industry by contacting us.


Universally accepted, CAESAR II® software provides pipe flexibility and stress analysis to the world's major engineering and energy organizations.CAESAR II piping software makes defining piping system analysis models easy. Help ensure the safety and reliability of your capital projects and power plant installations by investing in CAESAR II today.

CAESAR II provides both static and dynamic analysis capabilities that allow you to measure a wide variety of loads and develop system models quickly and accurately. For power plant projects specifically, CAESAR II has a bi-directional link to CADWorx® Plant. This connection enables designers and engineers to collaborate by sharing the same model - saving time and money.

Contact us today to test the features of this pipe flexibility and stress analysis software.

Process Plant Design

With CAESAR II®, you can view plant models with an analysis lens to see how it stacks up against international codes and standards. Plant design benefits greatly from the power and ease of use of CAESAR II pipe stress analysis software because CAESAR II links directly to CADWorx. This eliminates back-and-forth processes that can introduce errors into the design. CAESAR II enables you to perform a variety of actions:

  • Input data to define a piping system analysis model
  • Automate the creation of expansion loops
  • Evaluate pipe flexibility and stress analysis
  • Analyze wind effects, support settlement, wave and seismic loads
  • Enjoy dynamic analysis capabilities including modal, harmonic, response spectrum and time history analysis
  • Take advantage of a bi-directional link between CAESAR II and CADWorx® plant design software
  • Much more

What sets the shipbuilding process apart from other projects is that ships are built in modules and have a complex, dense structure. CAESAR II® helps address the unique challenges that offshore and shipbuilding projects present. Whether designing a ship, building a complex FPSO, or constructing other offshore vessels, CAESAR II evaluates the 3D model and reports on various analysis points. Other features of this pipe flexibility software include the following:

  • International piping codes
  • Wind and wave analysis
  • Comprehensive material databases
  • Steel modeling
  • User-definable reports
  • Error checking
  • Much more

As the standard for pipe stress analysis complete with additional capabilities, CAESAR II brings value to your shipbuilding project.

Find out more by requesting a demo today.


CAESAR II is a key component of the 3D piping design and steelwork process. CAESAR II can gather boundary steel information and determine effects of the piping system on steel supporting members. This software can import steel components from CADWorx 3D piping software, eliminating the need to model this within the analysis software.

Change the way you approach your piping flexibility analysis and its links to structural steel by contacting us today.

Water Treatment

CAESAR II® takes a collaborative approach to both the design and engineering analysis of water treatment plants and facilities. Tying in both engineering analysis and design process is accomplished through bi-directional links to design programs, such as SmartPlant 3D and CADWorx®. This method of data exchange helps shareholders stay informed while preventing the loss of data.

Other features of this pipe flexibility software include the following:

  • International piping codes
  • Extensive material database
  • Design tools and wizards
  • Static and dynamic analysis
  • Much more

Explore the other features of CAESAR II by requesting a demo.

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