SmartPlant® Instrumentation InfoMaker Customization (TINT1065)

Hoofddorp, Netherlands - Hexagon PPM c/o Intergraph Benelux BV
20 November, 09:30 AM - 21 November, 04:30 PM

This course is designed for current users of SmartPlant Instrumentation who need to customize the SmartPlant Instrumentation deliverables including Instrument Specification forms and custom reports using InfoMaker, as well as creating custom Browsers. This course provides the necessary knowledge for SmartPlant Instrumentation customization in this area.


  • Practical SmartPlant Instrumentation experience
  • Advanced knowledge of SmartPlant Instrumentation
  • Basic knowledge of relational databases
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Windows applications

Topics Covered:

  • Standard operations in InfoMaker
  • Database connections
  • Libraries
  • Queries and Reports in InfoMaker
  • Using PSR files within SmartPlant Instrumentation
  • Creating executable report
  •  Specification customization:
  • Using SP_STYLE.PBL
  • Customizing Spec forms within SmartPlant Instrumentation
  • Customizing Spec forms in InfoMaker
  • Customizing Title Block
  • Creating custom PowerSoft Browser
  • Instrument Index Browse customization


  • Per Person: €1.000