GetSmart! Webinar - What's new on CAESAR II 2019

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03 July, 10:00 AM - 03 July, 11:00 AM

Benefit from the implementation and update of key standards in Europe!

Join our upcoming GetSmart! Webinar What’s NEW in CAESAR II® 2019 to learn all about the new features and capabilities available in its new version.

Why should you attend our webinar?

  • Learn more about the implementation of the EN-1591 standard:

    • Learn how to design and analyse standard and non-standard flange assemblies considering external loading and thermal expansion;

    • Determine flange rotation, deflection and calculate bolting torque;

    • Experience the user-friendly features that simplify the large-scale required input for this standard;
  • Find out more about CAESAR II update of the offshore code, DNVGL-ST-F10 to the 2017 edition: 

    • See how the limit state design approach differs from the allowable stress design;

    • See how to address burst, collapse and buckling conditions in pipelines;

    • Use load cases tailored for offshore piping featuring DNV-specific reports;

    • See how the DNV Wall Thickness Calculator assists in checking wall thickness from within the piping input;