CAESAR II® Statics Analysis (TC2S1005)

Zoetermeer, Netherlands - Dynaflow Research Group
11 December, 09:30 AM - 15 December, 04:30 PM

The CAESAR II® Productivity Training is more than just learning how to use the program. It incorporates piping code background along with proper engineering application of the software. Attendees develop real-world knowledge of static analysis while also learning how to use CAESAR II for cost-effective piping design.

Topics Covered:

  •     Piping code background and requirements
  •     Proper modeling techniques
  •     Guidelines for piping system design
  •     Interpreting program results

Half-day Case Studies:

  •     Modeling buried pipe using a pipeline code; fatigue evaluation
  •     Modeling and evaluating FRP pipe; static evaluation of seismic loads
  •     Wind and wave loads on an offshore riser

Length: 5 days

Prerequisites: None

Pricing (EUR): € 3,000 per individual enrollment

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