Gelsia Improves Operations and Safety Management with CADWorx & Analysis Solutions

Gelsia - an Italian industry leader in distribution of gas, heat and environmental services - used Hexagon PPM solutions to improve the safety, productivity, and maintenance potential for its existing combined heat and power station and substations in Seregno, Lombardy.

The Challenge

Gelsia is a leading energy supplier of gas, electricity, and thermal power located in Seregno, Lombardy, in Italy. The company has grown to become one of the major players in the Italian energy market and currently provides services to 28 municipalities in Italy.

Gelsia wanted to improve the safety, productivity, and maintenance potential for its existing combined heat and power station and substations in Seregno. The company needed a way to map the facilities of the cogeneration plant and substations, obtaining designs as actually constructed (“as built”).

The goals of the project were to:

  • Create an intelligent and up-to-date 3D model of the plant for improved safety management and maintenance.
  • Generate an accurate overview of plant documentation, including piping layouts, isometric sketches, and bills of material.
  • Acquire component data for an accurate materials management and layout study.
  • Extract critical information to improve energy efficiency of the plant.

The company wanted to improve its understanding of its own network and reduce management costs. Gelsia decided to utilize the CADWorx® suite for the project, including CADWorx Plant Professional combined with CADWorx fieldPipe™ Professional for the creation of intelligent 3D models, CADWorx P&ID for piping and isometrics creation, and CADWorx Design Review to enable efficient management and tracking of the project steps.

The Solution

Based on its own software, Gelsia already had a facility maintenance process in place. This system needed more information to enable full and efficient management of its facility. As such, the first step was to perform a 3D laser survey of the entities located inside the substations to create a 3D realistic point cloud of the environment surveyed. The survey was registered with Leica Geosystems Cyclone™ software and displayed in the Leica Truview free viewer.

From the 3D point cloud, a characterized 3D model was implemented with CADWorx fieldPipe Professional. All information relative to each power station and substation, such as equipment data sheets, piping and instrument components, etc., were included in the 3D model to:

  • Allow safe management of substation operations.
  • Enable easy and faster maintenance of the substations (especially during unpredictable failures and subsequent emergency management).
  • Create a complete database of components inside substations for materials management.

Simultaneously, CADWorx P&ID was used to create an intelligent database of the existing P&IDs of the plants. Throughout the project, CADWorx Design Review was used by the Gelsia management team to review project progress, and facilitate decision making regarding next steps.

With the newly available intelligent information, Gelsia was able to:

  • Improve safety of the facilities, thanks to having a real-life 3D design documentation of the plant.
  • Streamline plant operations and maintenance due to more available and better quality information.
  • Create a database for materials management for the substations.

Furthermore, once the 3D model was completed, all documents and information such as the piping layout, sections, isometric sketches, and a complete bill of material were available to allow PED qualification of the substations.