Pörner Group Improves Efficiency with Centralized Piping Classes and Specifications Database

Austrian engineering contractor Pörner Group bridges the gap from component and pipe class specifications to engineering with Intergraph® SmartPlant® and Intergraph Smart™ solutions.

The Challenge

Pörner Group is a leading independent engineering contractor for process plants in Central Europe. With more than 40 years of experience in the process industry, Pörner is globally known for high-level plant engineering and construction project execution. The company needed new tools for specs and materials management as well as a solution to create a centralized location where all the engineering tools could be hosted with minimum administrative effort.

At the beginning of the project, Pörner already had an existing workflow running in an old system environment between the spec management, engineering, and construction site. In this system, all the applications were installed and running in a client/server environment which led to a large amount of manual, administrative effort. There was no centralized data management, as multiple clients with different versions of applications were running on different locations, using multiple separate data storage solutions. This also led to high travel costs as Pörner employees had to manage the resources in different locations.

The existing system was developed in-house, making integration with third-party systems, as well as upgrading operating systems and databases, a manual and time-consuming task. Changing into a centralized Citrix environment would enable Pörner to better allocate IT resources and man-hours that were currently used for manual data management.

The Solution

After careful consideration, Pörner selected Intergraph® SmartPlant® Materials and Intergraph SmartPlant Reference Data to be hosted in a Citrix environment to enhance the piping specifications and materials management. When hosted in a Citrix environment, all the software tools could be run in a centralized manner. With this solution, Pörner aimed to bridge the gap from component and pipe class specifications to engineering, as well as between engineering and procurement processes.

This would enable a centralized license management for all subsidiaries where spec management, engineering, material management and site management could be hosted and provided to customers as one package from one provider.

Originally, Pörner chose Intergraph SmartPlant solutions to improve materials and specs management due to the solutions’ excellent out of the box interfaces with 3D design solutions. In addition, as a long-time Intergraph customer, Pörner was familiar with Intergraph’s high quality software and services. The whole Pörner Group was already using Intergraph solutions for the overall engineering process, from study phase (pre-FEED) and FEED (front end engineering design) to detail design (3D systems), as well as for the analyses down to material management and site management.

The newly purchased solutions, SmartPlant Reference Data and SmartPlant Materials, completed the existing engineering solutions suite, and when implemented in a Citrix environment would enable a centralized approach to spec and materials management. Intergraph Smart™ Standard Database was used to migrate all the existing data from the in-house system to SmartPlant Reference Data. After this, the workflows in SmartPlant Reference Data and SmartPlant Materials were customized to enable importing Bill of Materials. Intergraph also helped Pörner to customize reporting and configure CAD interfaces to enable smooth information flow between the different disciplines.

Thomas Hermann, project and CAD administrator at Pörner commented on the overall project execution with Intergraph: “Pörner has a good relationship with Intergraph for many years now, and this was also one of the reasons why we chose to invest in more Intergraph software. The overall implementation was as high quality as expected – and the quality of data and workflows exceeded our expectations.”