User Experience

User Experience is made up of three disciplines: computer science, visual design, and psychological research. The User Experience team at Hexagon PPM keeps the user point of view in mind when working with the product development teams to create solutions that ensure the most efficient user experience possible.

“The User Experience team has a great supportive dynamic and the opportunity to make a difference each day and contribute to the overall success of the team is deeply rewarding. Management has a ‘they work for you’ attitude which really makes for a pleasant working environment where you can learn and grow.”

Sheldon, Visual Designer UX Services

Huntsville, AL

“I really like graphic design. On the User Experience team, I get to exert creative force and think about cool new ways to do things, how we can change and become better in the future to stand out even more. That’s been really fun for me.” 
Nick, Software Analyst UX Services
2 years, USA

“Intergraph finds the right people for me to work with because those people help me to succeed. The person that I sit beside helps me almost more than I help myself. Intergraph as a whole has executives who are open to improvementand moving forward, and when they give us the opportunity to do that, I think they are helping us to succeed.” 
Jackie, Lead Visual Designer
3 years, USA