Support and Quality Assurance

Group of employees outside

The Support and Quality Assurance Teams work with our products from initial development through launch to ensure they are nothing but the best. Enter an atmosphere of collaboration and join a team who lives the motto, “Test hard. Play hard."

"One of the nice things about Intergraph is that it’s not just contained in itself. There is all this outreach. They support hockey teams and non-profits. I think what Intergraph does to bridge passion comes back to the people. There’s so many different people here, each with their own interests. You get to meet people from different walks of life."
Willy Tang, Support Engineer
1.5 years, USA

I am passionate about helping people. In Support at Intergraph you are helping someone by supporting the products, customers, and product teams within Process, Power, and Marine.” 
Cassie Baldonado, Support Engineer
1.5 years, USA

“Whenever I think about Intergraph, I think of the knowledge that I have gained. For the 5 years I have been here, I learned a lot because of the way Intergraph works and because of my mentors. Even when I’m not directly given advice, I always try to learn from everyday situations and how my mentors and colleagues handle those.”
Pemsith Mendis, Senior Support Engineer
5.5 years, USA